Sex and the City: Season Three artwork

Sex and the City: Season Three

27th May 2002

The award winning series continues with another look at the dating game in New York City as four women sleep their way through the male population of New York. Are there any single men left?
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Chris Noth, Kyle MacLachlan
Comedy, Romance, Television
9 Hours (Approx)

This award winning series chronicles the life and times of four single thirty something women in New York. The group talk frankly about their sexual relationships and those thorns in their sides known as the male of the species.

Carrie Bradshaw writes a weekly newspaper sex and relationships column called "Sex and the City" for a New York paper. The column is made up of her daily experiences with her own boyfriends and those of her best friends Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. Although heartbreak has followed most of her relationships, particularly with Mr. Big, Carrie has managed to find the perfect partner in the form of furniture designer Aidan. However, will she be tempted back to the now married Mr. Big?

Miranda Hobbes is a workaholic corporate lawyer who is deeply cynical of all men. Although her relationship with the mild mannered, but broke, bar tender Steve Brady has finished she still wonders what it may have been. After a few more relationships she stumbles across Steve again and their flames of passion are re-ignited only to be extinguished over a puppy.

Charlotte York is an art dealer who likes to be wooed the old fashioned way. She longs for a knight in shining armour to sweep her off her feet. Her prayers are about to be answered when she is literally swept off her feet by Trey McDougal, a rich businessman who is the perfect match for the man in Charlotte dreams.

Samantha Jones is a public relations executive and complete nymphomaniac. Samantha manages to bed any man she fancies but never manages to hold onto a relationship. As she continues to sleep her way through the male population of Manhattan, Samantha is in for a shock when one lover requests that she takes an AIDS test before getting down to business.

Episode Details

The episodes on each of the three discs are outlined in more detail below:-

Disc One

  • Where There's Smoke
  • Pollically Erect
  • Attack of the 5'10" Women
  • Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl
  • No Ifs, Ands or Butts
  • Are We Sluts?

Disc Two

  • Drama Queens
  • The Big Time
  • Easy Come, Easy Go
  • All or Nothing
  • Running with Scissors
  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Disc Three

  • Escape from New York
  • Sex and Another City
  • Hot Child in the City
  • Frenemies
  • What Goes Around Comes Around
  • Cock a Doodle Do!

Although the picture quality is vastly improved over the initial series the third seems to have gone down hill slightly with certain scenes being somewhat grainy. Although the bit-rate remains high throughout the disc set it was particularly evident during the darker indoor scenes, especially when the background detail was especially challenging to the compression algorithm.

The sound is reasonable enough with a fair amount of ambient effects appearing in the surround channel from the city and the many clubs and bars the girls go into. With Carrie providing the narration during the episodes her dialogue is impressively clear and precise.

The menu is nicely presented, animated and scored with those lovely ladies appearing in various poses across the screen. Although the menu system is simple it is quite effective with plenty of information on each of the episodes. Fortunately, this presentation is consistent across the season sets so far and I hope they don't change it for the subsequent releases.

You can always tell when a series becomes popular when guest stars start making appearances. And who would better than Samantha's number one man Hue Heffner, Carrie Fisher, Matthew McConaughey, Alanis Morissette and Sarah Michelle Geller. This season goes from strength to strength, and even more so as the series added its first Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series to go along with its Golden Globes for Best Comedy Series and Sarah Jessica Parker as Best Actress.

The story lines just get even better with some great one liners, sharp satire and certainly more juicy scenes that would cause most people to blush. This series is certainly the best so far and the PC brigade must be have kittens. Rent or buy, you must see this series.

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  • Audio Commentaries
  • Awards and Nominations Information
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