Vexed: Series 2 (2010) artwork

Vexed: Series 2 (2010)

Friday 22nd February 2013

Vexed - Series 2, released on DVD by Acorn Media on 4th March 2013, sees D.I. Jack Armstrong team up with new partner D.I. Georgina Dixon for six more episodes of comedy with corpses.
Rory Kinnear, Lucy Punch, Miranda Raison, Roger Griffiths, Ronny Jhutti, Toby Stephens
Kieron J. Walsh, Ian Fitzgibbon, Matt Lipsey
Lesley McKimm, Jackie Larkin, Jill Green, Eve Gutierrez
Acorn Media
5 hours 50 minutes
#Vexed Series 2
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Vexed - Series 2, released on DVD by Acorn Media on 4th March 2013, sees D.I. Jack Armstrong team up with new partner D.I. Georgina Dixon for six more episodes of comedy with corpses.

The second series of the BBC crime comedy stars Toby Stephens and Miranda Raison as a pair of mismatched detectives. DI Jack Armstrong (Stephens) isn't known for his work ethic, but is well-established in the force and can always rely on his urbane charm to get him by. How will he cope when he is assigned to a feisty new partner, DI Georgina Dixon (Raison)?

Episode Guide

  • A murder at a car showroom brings together DI Jack Armstrong (Toby Stephens) with a new partner, bright fast-tracker Georgina Dixon (Miranda Raison). These two couldn't be more different to each other and the sparks immediately start to fly as Jack gets increasingly wound up by Georgina's determination to solve their first case together and Georgina becomes exasperated by his casual attitude
  • Police detectives Jack and Georgina are sent to investigate the murder of a student on a modern university campus and find themselves drawn into the complicated and overly PC world of gender politics. Meanwhile Georgina meets her perfect man and Jack's obsesses over Danielle, a girl who sounds very masculine to Georgina
  • Demoted temporarily to missing persons unconventional police detectives Jack and Georgina find themselves drawn into a cut throat world at the local gym where achieving physical prowess has become a fulltime addiction for many of the clients. Naturally it doesn't take long before Jack is spending more time on his own appearance than the case and Georgina finds herself attracted to one of the members
  • When the leading contestant in a televised amateur chef competition is found dead, Georgina is sent undercover to replace her but quickly finds her competitive side threatening to take over from solving the case. Meanwhile Jack's determined to woo the hot new woman in his life through food and enlists Georgina's help in a modern twist on Cyrano de Bergerac
  • Jack and Georgina solve the murder of the headmaster of a hugely popular local primary school in record speed. But when Jack helps Georgina prep for what will happen when the case gets to the Old Bailey they realise the facts don't quite add up. Georgina freaks out at Jack, already unsettled by the news her parents are getting divorced
  • Bright, sexy, funny police detectives Jack and Georgina get an insight into the world of romance and diamonds when they investigate a violent robbery at a family run jewellery store. Meanwhile Jack is unexpectedly asked to be best man at his brother's wedding and Georgina enters the complicated world of internet dating.
  • None or TBC

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