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Pathfinders: In The Company Of Strangers (2011)

Saturday 12th March 2011

Starring Michael Conner Humphreys and Christopher Serrone, Pathfinders: In The Company Of Strangers, released by High Fliers on DVD on 9th May 2011, is an inspirational story of courage, daring and selfless devotion to duty during one of the most widely unrecognised missions of the Second World War.
Eric V. Jones, Ryan Findley, Kyle Erickson, Philip De Lorenzo, Michael Conner Humphreys, Christopher Serrone
Curt A. Sindelar
Donald B. Nixon, Hugh Daly, James Christopher, Faouzi Brahimi
High Fliers
1 hour 40 minutes
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Pathfinders: In The Company Of Strangers is an inspirational story of courage, daring and selfless devotion to duty during one of the most widely unrecognised missions of the Second World War.

There is something very special about a small group of men who are willing to lay down their lives to secure freedom for millions of others and this film is based on the actual events that took place and the bravery and heroism of these men.

Starring Michael Conner Humphreys (Forest Gump) and Christopher Serrone (Goodfellas), Pathfinders: In The Company Of Strangers is released by High Fliers on retail DVD on 9th May 2011 and already looks set to replicate the huge success of High Fliers' DVD blockbuster Passchendaele which tells another great untold story of World War II.

The Pathfinders are a small elite group of American paratroopers who drop behind enemy lines and land right in the lap of the German Infantry. They are outnumbered, unsupported, and racing against the clock. Their sole purpose is to stay alive long enough to find a strategic location and set up the top secret navigation equipment needed to guide in the main airborne assault on D-Day. Failure would cost the lives of thousands of Allied troops.

This group of paratroopers is a mix of renegades from different military units. They are strangers to one another, thrown together at the last minute, with no time to prepare and with two different Commanding Officers. It is also a recipe for disaster and a violation of all the rules of warfare. Only a miracle is going to make the mission work.

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