Astro Boy (2009) artwork
One of the most seminal, iconic and coolest anime creations of all time, Astro Boy, released by E1 Entertainment on 31st May 2010 on DVD and as a Blu-ray plus DVD Combi Pack, is now brought to vivid life in a brand new CGI animated feature film jam-packed with action, adventure, comedy and heart.
Donald Sutherland, Nicolas Cage, Eugene Levy, Ryan Stiles, Freddie Highmore, Charlize Theron
David Bowers
Cecil Kramer, Francis Kao, Maryann Garger, Pilar Flynn
E1 Entertainment
1 hour 34 minutes
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One of the most seminal, iconic and coolest anime creations of all time, Astro Boy, released by E1 Entertainment on 31st May 2010 on DVD and as a Blu-ray plus DVD Combi Pack, is now brought to vivid life in a brand new CGI animated feature film jam-packed with action, adventure, comedy and heart.

Having garnered a Four Star review in The Sunday Times and described as "a fast, fun superhero adventure" (Independent on Sunday), "action-packed from beginning to end" (Toxic Magazine) and "the coolest robot hero since WALL-E... Astro-nomically great fun" (Nitro Magazine), this futuristic "Pinocchio" tale is full of heart-warming charm and universal appeal guaranteed to keep children and adults enthralled.

Directed by David Bowers (Flushed Away) and co-written by Bowers and Timothy Harris (Space Jam; Kindergarten Cop; My Stepmother Is An Alien; Twins; Trading Places), Astro Boy boasts a star-studded vocal cast that includes the talents of Freddie Highmore (The Spiderwick Chronicles; Charlie And The Chocolate Factory), Kristen Bell (Couples Retreat; Heroes; Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Nicolas Cage (Kick-Ass; G-Force), Samuel L. Jackson (The Spirit; Iron Man), Charlize Theron (The Road; Hancock), Donald Sutherland (Dirty Sexy Money), Bill Nighy (G-Force, The Boat that Rocked, Hot Fuzz), Matt Lucas (Alice In Wonderland; Little Britain), Eugene Levy (Night at the Museum 2, Over The Hedge, American Pie) and Nathan Lane (The Producers).

Astro Boy (Highmore) is a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist named Dr. Tenma (Cage) in the futuristic Metro City, a gleaming metropolis floating in the sky. Powered by positive 'blue' energy, he is endowed with super strength, X-ray vision, unbelievable speed and the ability to fly.

Embarking on a journey in search of acceptance, Astro Boy encounters many other colourful characters along the way, including a trio of incompetent rebel robots and a group of friendly orphans living on the neglected trash dump of the earth's surface. There, he learns the joys and emotions of being human and gains the strength to embrace his destiny. Discovering his new friends and family are in danger, Astro Boy marshals his awesome super powers and returns to Metro City in a valiant effort to save everything he cares about and to understand what it takes to be a hero.

A colourful and beautifully rendered, fast-paced, sci-fi adventure that barely pauses to take a breath, Astro Boy will delight audiences that enjoyed other futuristic CGI animated features such as WALL-E, The Incredibles and Robots.

  • Two all new animated sequences ('Astro vs. The Junkyard Pirates' and The RFF in 'The New Recruit')
  • Inside The Recording Studio
  • Designing A Hero
  • Building Metro City
  • Getting The Astro Boy Look
  • Image Gallery
  • Creating A Global Icon

Please note - Disc special features are subject to change, may differ from format to format and/or may differ from region to region.


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