Iron Sky: The Coming Race (2019) artwork

Iron Sky: The Coming Race (2019)

Friday 5th April 2019

Twenty years after the events of Iron Sky, Iron Sky: The Coming Race, released on DVD and Blu-ray 6th May 2019 from 101 Films, takes the audience to a journey into the Centre of the Earth where the greatest battle of mankind awaits.
Udo Keir, Lara Rossi, Emily Atack, Vladimir Burlakov, Tom Green, Julia Dietze, John Flanders, Stephanie Paul
Timo Vuoresola
Oliver Damian, Peter De Maegd, Tom Hameeuw, Tero Kaukomaa
101 Films
1 hour 30 minutes
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Iron Sky: The Coming Race, released on DVD and Blu-ray 6th May 2019 from 101 Films, takes the audience to a journey into the Centre of the Earth. There the Vril, an alien race that came to Earth millions of years ago, are preparing their return to power.

We learn very soon that most of the maniacs of history - tyrants, inventors, serial killers and religious fanatics - have actually been Vril agents in disguise, on a mission to destroy mankind. It was only after The President of the United States of America - a Vril herself, with some passing resemblance to a certain Sarah Palin - managed to ignite a full-scale nuclear war that nearly wiped out every living being from the surface of the Earth, that they are ready to overtake and destroy what's left of the humankind.

Never has man been in such a dire need for a savior, and the last hope lies within the offspring of the local Moon Nazi population and a small group of refugees who fled to the Moon 30 years ago just before the nuclear war begun.

A hero arises among the people - the daughter of Renate Richter and James Washington - who takes the lead in saving the Earth, accompanied by the ex-Moon Führer Kortzfleisch, also a Vril. The greatest battle of mankind awaits!

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