Slinger's Day: The Complete Series (1986) artwork

Slinger's Day: The Complete Series (1986)

Thursday 19th April 2012

Living legend of the light entertainment industry Bruce Forsythe stars on his only sitcom role: Slinger's Day - The Complete Series is available to buy on 23rd April 2012 from Network DVD.
Liz Crowther, Suzanne Church, Paul Clarkson, David Kelly, Philip Bird, Bruce Forsyth
Mark Stuart
Mark Stuart
Network DVD
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Living legend of the light entertainment industry Bruce Forsythe stars on his only sitcom role: Slinger's Day - The Complete Series is available to buy on 23rd April 2012 from Network DVD. This hilarious Thames series boasts scripts by veteran Comedy writers Brian Cooke and Vince Powell. The show charts the trials and tribulations of the beleaguered manager of a London supermarket.

Environmental protesters, a shoplifting epidemic, a burgeoning butter mountain and largely incompetent staff are just a few of the problems facing Cecil Slinger, the new manager of Supafare. And just how is he supposed to offload 560 packets of Jacobson's Savoury Fishcakes when no one wants to buy them? Slinger is forced to concede that the public doesn't respond to lying, cheating and deception any more. Whatever happened to the old values?

Episode Listing

  • New Management Supafare gets a new manager Cecil Slinger. He meets with his workforce- it turns out to be a traumatic experience on both sides... not to mention a group of very worked up environmentalists
  • Going Bananas Things aren't going too well for Slinger; an illegal immigrant hidden in a consignment of bananas and an ex-wife on a shoplifting spree. These are just two of the new challenges that requires instant attention
  • Butter wouldn't Melt This time Slinger finds himself trying to train his staff the proper respect that ought to be shown the customers. The shoplifting seems to be turning into amajor epidemic, not to mention the butter mountain that seems to grow larger by the day
  • A Right Royal Mix-Up A Royal visit is planned to the area, which will include a visit to the supermarket. Slinger makes every effort to make the occasion memorable and alas, one must always be careful of what one wishes for
  • Black Letter Day The new manager Slinger blows off steam by dictating upsetting letter but he does not send them; alas his secretary misunderstands
  • The Nightshift Competition is ruining business and late-night opening seems to be the answer; but the night brings in strange customers
  • Lost and Found Slinger's secretary has left for a better job and 2 other of his team are leaving fortheir own reasons; just as things cannot seem to get more stressful, of course they do
  • Whose baby? Slinger fancies himself a father figure to his staff and when he finds a baby apparently abandoned in the stock room, his paternal instincts rise to the fore
  • Taken for a Ried Why is it that nobody's buying mushroom yoghurt? And at the same time, why is Colin overdosing on 24 cartons of the stuff?
  • Initiative Slinger tries all the tricks in the book to offload 560 packets of Jacobson's Savoury Fishcakes to no avail, then suddenly, a solution appears from an unexpectedquarter
  • The Stocktake Slinger finds himself stuck with an extra case of Whiskey when he does the stocktake and with the auditors en route, it is imperative that he disposes of it
  • A Pane in the Neck Slinger's eagerness to impress his new chairman backfires badly; and instead of cutting an impressive figure in front of the chairman, he finds himself ordered to stay overnight in the supermarket until the plate glass - that he breaks - is replaced
  • None or TBC

Please note - Disc special features are subject to change, may differ from format to format and/or may differ from region to region.

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