South Park: Season 6 (2002) artwork

South Park: Season 6 (2002)

Tuesday 11th March 2008

The boys are back with another season of the vulgar, hilarious and award-winning South Park, released on DVD 17th March 2008 from Paramount Home Entertainment.
Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Isaac Hayes
Trey Parker, Eric Stough
Anne Garefino, Eric Stough, Adrien Beard
Paramount Home Entertainment
6 hours 15 minutes
#SouthPark Season 6
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The boys are back with another season of the vulgar, hilarious and award-winning South Park series. Paramount Home Entertainment is releasing The Complete Sixth Season for the first time ever on DVD from 17th March 2008.

South Park : The Complete Sixth Season, featuring all 17 classic episodes of South Park, is available for the first time in this exclusive 3-disc collector's edition.

Join Stan, Kyle and Cartman in the series for more hilarious episodes including the riotous "Asspen" - while the boys' parents are being sold time shares, they are out on the slopes of Aspen. Not that he cares about the outcome; Stan is challenged to a ski race which he must win to save the youth centre, get the girl and free some Indian spirits a la the ski movies of the 1980s.

"Freak Strike" sees the boys learn that disfigured people get prizes for appearing on a talk show so they sign Butters up. When the prize he gets can't be shared, Cartman makes his mother join him on a segment called, "Please Help My out of Control Child." In "The Simpsons Already Did It", Butters (in the guise of Professor Chaos, his alter ego) is having trouble coming up with a plan to destroy the world that The Simpsons hasn't already done, while in "A Ladder To Heaven", Stan, Kyle, and Cartman win all the candy they can eat in a contest. There's just one problem - Kenny had the winning ticket. Now to get their prize, the boys have decided to build a ladder to Heaven in order to get the ticket back from their dead friend.

Also included in the South Park : The Complete Sixth Season are other memorable events including Jared revealing the secret to his weight loss is because he has aides, Stan becoming a vegan after seeing where veal comes from and the boys trying to stop Steven Spielberg and George Lucas from re-releasing more movies with digitally enhanced effects. The series also includes the fantastic episodes "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers" and "The Biggest Douche in the Universe".

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