Space Chimps (2008) artwork

Space Chimps (2008)

Monday 24th November 2008

A Real gift at Christmas, Space Chimps is a hilarious state-of-the-art CGI action-adventure animation which delivers plenty of harmless monkey business to entertain all the family! This fun-filled romp with our out-of-space plucky primates is being released by Entertainment in Video and will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on 1st December 2008.
Kenan Thompson, Kristin Chenoweth, Patrick Warburton, Jeff Daniels, Cheryl Hines, Andy Samberg
Kirk DeMicco
Neil Braun, Morris Berger, Eric M. Bennett, Curtis Augspurger
Entertainment in Video
1 hour 21 minutes
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A Real gift at Christmas, Space Chimps is a hilarious state-of-the-art CGI action-adventure animation from the producer of the three Shrek films and Valiant, which delivers plenty of harmless monkey business to entertain all the family! This fun-filled romp with our out-of-space plucky primates is being released by Entertainment in Video and will be available to buy and rent on DVD and to buy on Blu-Ray on 1st December 2008.

When a $5 billion Space Agency probe disappears into an intergalactic wormhole, the agency recruits Ham III (Andy Samberg), grandson of the first chimpanzee in space, to help retrieve the wayward craft. But Ham is a free-spirited circus performer more interested in zero gravity high jinks than living up to his illustrious heritage! Can our simian slacker learn the true meaning of courage and save the peaceful inhabitants of a distant planet from an evil dictator?

Produced by John H Williams (Shrek trilogy), Space Chimps features the vocal talents of Andy Samberg (Hot Rod), Jeff Daniels (The Hours, Pleasantville), Cheryl Hines (TV's Curb Your Enthusiasm), Patrick Warburton (Get Smart, Bee Movie), Kristin Chenoweth (TV's Pushing Daisies) and Stanley Tucci (TV's E.R., Robots).

Ham has been happily eking out a living as a chimp cannonball in a third-rate circus when the Space Agency makes him an offer he can't refuse. The wormhole has transported the Infinity space probe into the farthest reaches of the universe and Ham is recruited to join a team of specially trained ape astronauts assigned to rescue the lost vessel. With his love of flashy acrobatics, aerial manoeuvres, irreverent antics and goofball humour, Ham quickly alienates his professional astro-chimp colleagues but despite his high-flying mischief making, Ham is indispensible to the mission...as he is the only one immune to the effects of the wormhole.

After a crash landing on the planet Malgor, Ham's commander, Titan (Patrick Warburton), is taken prisoner by Zartog (Jeff Daniels), a megalomaniacal alien who has commandeered the Infinity and enslaved the other Malgoreans. Titan's only hope is our unlikely hero, Ham. Desperate to save Titan and recover the Infinity, Ham and his fetching lieutenant Luna (Cheryl Hines), enlist the help of the alien Kilowatt (Kristin Chenoweth) and make a solemn promise that they will free her people.

With imprisoned Titan awaiting Zartog's wrath, the rescue party arrive just in time but as our hero Ham and crew prepare to escape victorious, Ham is reminded of his vow to Kilowatt and must decide whether to return home or take a giant step for chimp-kind and live up to his grandfather's legacy.

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