The Flight Attendant: Season 2 (2022) artwork

The Flight Attendant: Season 2 (2022)

Thursday 20th October 2022

Scaling new career heights in her Emmy award winning performance, Kaley Cuoco returns for the addictively intriguing season two of The Flight Attendant, released on DVD 28th November 2022 from Warner Home Video.
Kaley Cuoco, Zosia Mamet, Griffin Matthews, Deniz Akdeniz, Rosie Perez, Mo McRae
Silver Tree, Jennifer Phang
Stephanie Johnson, Jennifer Lence, Bonnie Munoz, Carl Ogawa
Warner Home Video
5 hours 50 minutes
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After a tumultous year, Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco) has relocated to Los Angeles, living her best sober life with her supportive new boyfriend, Marco. She still works for Imperial Atlantic but now moonlights as an informant for the CIA.

Cassie's latest mission takes her to Berlin, where she inadvertently witnesses a murder and spots a mysterious blonde with a very familar tattoo. Does Cassioe have a doppelganger? Meanwhile, Megan Briscose has been outside of the U.S and on the run from authorities for over a year, and when Carrie misinterprets cryptic messages from her, she may end up placing them in even more danger.

Scaling new career heights in her Emmy award winning performance, Kaley Cuoco returns for an addictively intriguing new season.

Returning series regulars include Zosia Mamet, Griffin Matthews, Deniz Akdeniz and Rosie Perez. Returning recurring guest stars T.R. Knight, Yasha Jackson and Audrey Grace Marshall. The season also stars new series regulars Mo McRae, Callie Hernandez and J.J. Soria, as well as new recurring guest stars Alanna Ubach, Cheryl Hines, Jessie Ennis, Mae Martin, Margaret Cho, Santiago Cabrera, Sharon Stone and Shohreh Aghdashloo.

The Flight Attendant: Season Two is released on DVD 28th November 2022 from Warner Home Video.

  • Inside the Episode - Seeing Double-Behind the scenes of Episode 1 and showing the bright side of Cassie's new life
  • Inside the Episode - Mushrooms, Tasers, and Bears, Oh My!-Behind the scenes of Episode 2 and detailing how Cassie is working on turning over a new leaf and fixing herself
  • Inside the Episode - The Reykjavik Ice Sculpture Festival Is Lovely This Time of Year-Behind the scenes of Episode 3 and Cassie's method of dealing with her issues, as well as her belief that she's the hero of the story
  • Inside the Episode - Blue Sincerely Reunion-Behind the scenes of Episode 4 and a look at the cascade of unfortunate events that result in Cassie ending up at her boss' front door
  • Inside the Episode - Drowning Women-Behind the scenes of Episode 5 and tracing the path Cassie took to reach her breaking point
  • Inside the Episode - Brothers & Sisters-Behind the scenes of Episode 6 and an in-depth conversation about the Hangover episode and Cassie's revelation about what she did
  • Inside the Episode - No Exit-Behind the scenes of Episode 7 and exploring Cassie's story with her mom, as well as an in-depth look at the pier scene
  • Inside the Episode - Backwards and Forwards-Behind the scenes of Episode 8 and Cassie's realisation that the versions of Cassie are all her at different points in her life
  • Invitation to the Set - Behind the Scenes of Season 2

Please note - Disc special features are subject to change, may differ from format to format and/or may differ from region to region.

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