Hitman: Extreme Edition (2008) artwork

Hitman: Extreme Edition (2008)

Monday 10th March 2008

A dark and violent action thriller from producer Luc Besson, It's time to lock and load. On 31st March 2008, movie fans can take aim as Hitman appears in the crosshairs on DVD and Blu-Ray from Twenieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.
Henry Ian Cusick, Ulrich Thomsen, Robert Knepper, Olga Kurylenko, Dougray Scott, Timothy Olyphant
Xavier Gens
Janos Flösser, Vin Diesel, Adrian Askarieh, Daniel Alter
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
1 hour 40 minutes
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It's time to lock and load. On 31st March 2008, movie fans can take aim as Hitman appears in the crosshairs on DVD and Blu-Ray from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. A dark and violent action thriller from producer Luc Besson, who directed La Femme Nikita, The Fifth Element and Leon/The Professional, the film is based on the global video game phenomenon that has sold over seven million units worldwide and gives viewers a fantastic chance to see sexy Olga Kurylenko in action before she kicks ass with 007 later this year.

Directed by newcomer Xavier Gens, Hitman is a highly stylised and voraciously violent film, following the trail of Agent 47, played by Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood, Die Hard 4.0, Gone in Sixty Seconds), as he bids for bloodthirsty revenge on those who have double-crossed him. A lone gun killer, he is unremitting in his devotion to bullets and bloodshed, but not even he can anticipate the unexpected and unfamiliar stirrings aroused in him by a mysterious Russian babe, Nika (Kurylenko).

Trained as the ultimate professional assassin, Agent 47 packs an arsenal that would put the military to shame, although his greatest weapons are his steely nerve, his unwavering precision and the resolute pride he takes in his brutal work.

Loaded with political conspiracy, murky machinations and a whole heap of violence, Hitman is brimming with high-tempo gunfights - in crowded locations, of course - while the DVD version features additional footage not seen in the theatrical release. Armed with a host of with extras, the DVD release of Hitman is a smooth and sexy romp through the world of professional carnage!

  • Featurette: In the Crosshairs - Follow the lone gun assassin known only as "Agent 47" in his quest to slay the competition and take revenge on those who have set him up. From scripting, to shooting (both film and guns), to post-production, we'll go behind the scenes and sit down with the cast & crew of Hitman to discuss the creation of this non-stop action flick
  • Featurette: Digital Hits - In years past, action movies spawned video games.but my how times have changed. Hitman represents the newest entry in the current trend, in which movies are based on video games. For this featurette, we'll explore the birth and history of the mega-popular Hitman game series. We'll talk to the series' creators, learn about the birth of Agent 47 and discuss his growing list of eliminated targets. We'll find out the elements necessary to forge a compelling first-person shooter game, especially in the ever changing and crowded video game landscape. We'll also discuss the similarities and differences between a video game and its silver screen counterpart. We'll see how Agent 47 has evolved throughout his various incarnations and get the inside word on the latest "in development" installment in the Hitman video game saga. Finally, we'll chat with the experts at G4 Network about the popularity of Hitman as well as its impact on the video game industry
  • Featurette: Instruments of Destruction - In the movie Hitman, Agent 47 utilizes a vast arsenal of weaponry and gadgets in his bloody struggle to survive and stay one step ahead of the authorities and competition. In this featurette, we'll sit down with the weapons experts from Hitman and take an up-close and personal look at all of the guns and deadly devices used in the film. We'll talk about the origin and specifications of each weapon, its military or civilian application, as well as use and handling instructions.and maybe a few words about safety while we're at it. Oh, and we didn't forget destructive firepower. We'll learn about the damage and mayhem these deadly toys can inflict.and then lock & load as we head to a shooting range for the professionals to give us a live fire demonstration
  • Featurette: Settling The Score - In this featurette, we discuss the music of the film how the composer and filmmakers work together to create the perfect musical accompaniment to this action packed feature
  • Deleted Scene: Ovie's Pool Scene
  • Deleted Scene: Hospital Scene
  • Deleted Scene: A Different Train Platform
  • Deleted Scene: Udre's Death
  • Deleted Scene: Alternate Ending
  • Gag Reel

Please note - Disc special features are subject to change, may differ from format to format and/or may differ from region to region.

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