One Night at McCool's (2001) artwork

One Night at McCool's (2001)

24th March 2002

Three men recall three different stories about the same beautiful and sexy woman who totally wrecked their lives.
Liv Tyler, Matt Dillon, Paul Reiser, John Goodman, Michael Douglas, Reba McEntire, Andrew Dice Clay, Richard Jenkins, Tim De Zarn
Comedy, Romance, Crime
1 Hour 29 Minutes
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When you've had enough of a woman who has managed to ruin your life, take your money and steal your home just where do you find a hit man to remove the problem? A hall full of bingo loving OAP's is hardly the best place to start, but this is where Randy meets Mr. Burmeister and starts to tell his tale of woe.

Jewel is a beautiful woman who is not on the straight and narrow. By charming men with her looks she lures them back to their homes where an accomplice bursts into the home and robs the poor bloke who was expecting something much more pleasurable. However, one night she latches onto a barman called Randy and when she manages to get him to take her home she discovers that he has absolutely nothing worth stealing, but he does have access to the bar safe.

When the robbery goes wrong, and still unaware of Jewel's real intensions, Randy is smitten. As is the usual case for a man, the brain turns into mush and it ends up with a one track mind. Randy will do absolutely anything for her and in order to get the things she dreams of he'll even break the law. Even Dillon's happily married lawyer cousin, Carl, can't resist her charms. When a murder is committed matters become even more complicated when the investigating officer, Detective Dehling also becomes caught by Jewel's spell.

The picture is bright, incredibly sharp and colourful with some rich and vibrant colours. There's no signs of artifacting or outlining and the bit-rate remains above average throughout the film. It's a remarkable picture and a credit to the DVD technology at work. It certainly highlights the beauty, and curves, of the one and only Liv Tyler.

The dialogue intensive nature of the film means that there is no real requirement for the rear surround channels. Never the less they are well used by the musical score and ambient effects whilst the dialogue is crisp and precise in the centre channel. It all adds up to a good all round audio and visual performance. It's a far cry from the initial region two releases from EIV.

The menu is a cleverly scored and animated with a rotating room. The various menu options are selected from a points in the room that are related to the storyline. The extras are as equally impressive and they certainly add plenty of value to the disc with Deleted scenes, Making of and Alternate ending.

This film is the directorial debut of Norwegian music video director Harald Zwart and its visual could be just as easily at home on MTV as at the cinema. With the rich colours and elegant camera work you end up waiting for somebody to start signing, although the only person singing will be viewer once the slow-motion car wash scene starts.

This film noir style of film is wonderful with John Goodman being particularly good. However, the best part must be played by the aging hit man Michael Douglas with his wig taking the starring role. Together with eye watering beauty of Liv Tyler this really is a fun film to watch. Recommended.

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Alternative Ending
  • "Making of" Featurette
  • Music Video
  • Make-up Tests and Cast Read Through
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