Sugarhouse (2007) artwork

Sugarhouse (2007)

Tuesday 20th November 2007

Based on screenwriter Dominic Leyton's critically acclaimed stage play Collision, Sugarhouse, released by Contender Films on 7th January 2008, is the debut feature by director Gary Love and a powerful, no-holds-barred urban thriller starring Andy Serkis, Steven Mackintosh and former So Solid Crew rapper, Ashley Walters.
Tolga Safer, Teddy Nygh, Adam Deacon, Andy Serkis, Ashley Walters, Steven Mackintosh
Gary Love
Matthew Justice, Ben Dixon, Arvind Ethan David, Rachel Connors
Contender Films
1 hour 30 minutes
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Based on screenwriter Dominic Leyton's critically acclaimed stage play Collision, Sugarhouse, released by Contender Films on 7th January 2008, is the debut feature by director Gary Love (Waking The Dead; Casualty) and a powerful, no-holds-barred urban thriller starring Andy Serkis (The Lord Of The Rings trilogy; King Kong), Steven Mackintosh (Underworld: Evolution; The Jacket) and former So Solid Crew rapper, Ashley Walters (Life and Lyrics; Bullet Boy).

A shocking revelation regarding his girlfriend and young child has pushed successful, middle-class city boy Tom (Steven Mackintosh) to breaking point. Now he needs to get his hands on a gun and his only option is to buy one from a derelict crackhead known as D (Ashley Walters). Winding up at an abandoned warehouse close to a deprived council estate in East London, Tom finds himself way out of his depth when it comes to dealing with the scheming and unpredictable addict, and what should have been a relatively simple black-market transaction quickly degenerates into a volatile battle of wits between the two men.

Unknown to Tom is the fact that the gun he is trying to buy is actually a murder weapon stolen from a local kingpin and drug dealer nicknamed Hoodwink (Andy Serkis), to whom D is in financial debt. A borderline paranoid schizophrenic and much-feared violent criminal, Hoodwink will stop at nothing when it comes to finding and recovering the one item of evidence that could put him behind bars for a minimum of 15 years. As the tense negotiations between Tom and D spin further out of control, Hoodwink has already begun to beat a bloody path towards getting back what is his.

A violent and gritty tale of inner-city crime and the devastating effect it has on those unwittingly sucked into its vortex, Sugarhouse packs the kind of visceral punch not seen in British cinema for quite some time and features a chilling, powerhouse performance by Andy Serkis as the psychotic, drug-dealing killer, Hoodwink.

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