Lie to Me: Season 1 (2009) artwork

Lie to Me: Season 1 (2009)

Wednesday 19th August 2009

2009's most successful new TV series, the original, addictive and compelling drama Lie to Me starring Academy Award nominee Tim Roth, will make its debut on DVD on 14th September 2009 with a 4 disc Season 1 box set from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.
Mekhi Phifer, Hayley McFarland, Monica Raymund, Brendan Hines, Kelli Williams, Tim Roth
Michael Offer, Vahan Moosekian, Michael Zinberg, Daniel Sackheim
Daniel Sackheim, Kurt Moritz, Vahan Moosekian, Brian Grazer
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
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2009's most successful new TV series, the original, addictive and compelling drama Lie to Me starring Academy Award nominee Tim Roth, will make its debut on DVD on 14th September 2009 with a 4 disc Season 1 box set from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

From the producers of 24 and writer Samuel Baum (The Evidence), Lie to Me is inspired by real-life behavioral specialist Dr. Paul Ekman who can read clues in the human face, body and voice to expose lies in criminal investigations.

Roth (The Incredible Hulk, {/}Reservoir Dogs), plays Dr. Cal Lightman, the world's leading Deception Expert who leads a team experts alongside law enforcement and government agencies. He is not only able to tell if you are lying... but why. Having this scientific ability is both a blessing as well as a curse in his family life, as friends and family can deceive each other as readily as criminals and strangers do.

Lightman and his team are effectively human polygraph machines, and no lie can be hidden from them. Headed by Dr. Lightman and his gifted crew including psychologist partner Dr. Gillian Foster (Kelly Williams; Law and Order, Quantum Leap), lead researcher Eli Locker (Brendan Hines; Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Without a Trace) and the natural instincts of Ria Torres (Monica Raymond; Law and Order, Fighter), they are invincible detectors of the truth.

Uncover the whole truth for yourself with the captivating first 13 episodes of Lie to Me Season 1, only on DVD from 14th September.

  • The Truth About Lies (25:23)
  • 17 deleted scenes
  • Episode 1 Scene 12 - Gillian and Eli meet Taft (01:23)
  • Episode 1 Scene 13 - Ria reads Sgt Lurie message (00:45)
  • Episode 1 Scene 19 - Eli leads the ladies (0:29)
  • Episode 1 Scene 33 - Honest man in Gomorrah (0:31)
  • Episode 3 Scene 37 - Ria warns of Dupree (1:11)
  • Episode 6 Scene 11 - Weeding at the sociopaths (0:49)
  • Episode 7 Scene 21 - Are you trying to get fired? (0.55)
  • Episode 8 Scene AB23 - You’re all riled up today (0:45)
  • Episode 9 Scene 6 - Ria and Dupree in bed (02:21)
  • Episode 10 Scene 31 - Cal and Zoe fight/discuss marriage/"Tell
  • me I’m lying" (02:23)
  • Episode 11 Scene 1 - You don’t want these flowers, do you? (0:36)
  • Episode 11 Scene 34 - Milo needs to focus (0:49)
  • Episode 11 Scene 50 - Can we come inside? (0:29)
  • Episode 11 Scene 57/58 - End mortgage (1:05)
  • Episode 12 Scene 1 - Preparing for terror (1:15)
  • Episode 12 Scene 28 - Aftermath of the bomb (0:55)
  • Episode 12 Scene 38 - Interrogating the Iman (0:55)

Please note - Disc special features are subject to change, may differ from format to format and/or may differ from region to region.

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