Massacre at My Lai Four (2010) artwork

Massacre at My Lai Four (2010)

Friday 4th February 2011

Massacre at My Lai Four, the brutal and hard hitting Vietnam war movie about the infamous massacre in March 1968 at the village of My Lai, is released on retail DVD by Scanbox Entertainment on 4th April 2011.
Michael Bruggink, Ronny Boos, Gianluca Baldari, Alvin Anson, Yvette Yzon, Beau Ballinger
Paolo Bertola
Giovanni Paolucci
Scanbox Entertainment
1 hour 41 minutes
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Massacre at My Lai Four, the brutal and hard hitting Vietnam war movie about the infamous massacre in March 1968 at the village of My Lai, is released on retail DVD by Scanbox Entertainment on 4th April 2011.

Freely adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Seymour Hersh, it is the true story of Charlie Company, a platoon of American soldiers led by Lieutenant Wm. Calley.

The platoon comes under enemy fire which results in two young soldiers being killed and a third having to be put out of his misery because he's so badly injured. The ambush has a profound psychological effect on Calley and his men and when they arrive in a remote fishing village they embark on an orgy of revenge and gratuitous killing.

They then join a larger group of soldiers who have taken over My Lai. Believing it to be a Vietcong hiding place, senior officers order a house-to-house search but Calley, who by now has become completely deranged, tells his men to massacre everyone they find even though there are only old women and children left in the village.

The atrocity is seen from the air by the crew of a small reconnaissance helicopter, pilot Chief Warrant Officer Thompson, co-pilot Andreotta and door-gunner Colburn. Deeply upset by what they see, the three young airmen land their helicopter and overpower their compatriots in an armed confrontation which stops the massacre and results in several villagers' lives being saved.

Lieutenant Calley and his men massacred 503 innocent people and this is their story.

  • Interview with massacre survivor Truong Thi Le (9 mins)
  • The making of the soundtrack with Enrico Sabena (10 mins)
  • Stills montage (3 mins)

Please note - Disc special features are subject to change, may differ from format to format and/or may differ from region to region.

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