Gattaca (1997) artwork

Gattaca (1997)

1st January 2000

In the near future, civilisation is obsessed with genetic perfection of its people, all are tested at birth, and if any genetic defects are found those people, they are termed "in-valids" and are doomed to be no more than menial workers with the best jobs going to "valids".
Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Jude Law, Gore Vidal, Xander Berkeley, Jayne Brook, Elias Koteas
Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Science Fiction
1 Hour 46 Minutes
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The Gattaca of the title is a massive corporation involved in space exploration. Genetic testing is rife with checkpoints along roads and when entering and leaving work. Vincent is such an "In-valid", but he decides that he can be so much more....He employs the services of a DNA broker and takes the identity of Jerome, a crippled, but none-the-less "valid". With clever use of blood patches for the DNA tests, Vincent fools the system until one day there is a murder at Gattaca and the finger starts to point at him.

The picture is fairly good, with only an average bit-rate. Certainly the picture has been bettered since the films DVD debut, but its not that bad. There's even the choice of either widescreen or fullscreen for those people who aren't fans of the black bars.

The sound however is superb, with special mention going to the checkpoint scene, and just after when Vincent has to cross the road without his contact lenses...The cars rush by both in front and behind you....Very impressive.

The extras are decidedly average with a mere two posters in the poster gallery, but its better equipped than some DVD's in this area.

This is an excellent film, with a clever and engrossing plot it leaves you wondering if things will really be this way. Uma Thurman provides the love interest and turns in a fine performance, along with Hawke who shines in both the roles he is asked to play. One interesting thing about this film is the retro look used, all the cars look like they come from 60's America and everything has a very Gerry Anderson feel... Oddly, the astronauts all go into space in suits... And I don't mean Space Suits!

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