The Faculty (1998) artwork

The Faculty (1998)

1st January 2000

Things are happening at Herrington High, strange things. People are behaving oddly, not least the teachers, and why are people drinking so much water?
Robert Patrick, Salma Hayek, Famke Janssen, Jon Stewart, Elijah Wood, Josh Hartnett, Usher Raymond
1 Hour 44 Minutes
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This film should be renamed Invasion of the School Body Snatchers...Okay, bad joke I know, but it really is a version of the classic film with kids. The film follows six high school rejects who discover that the teachers at their school have been overtaken by alien parasites who come from a water planet, this apparently explains why they need to drink so much...hmmm.

Suffice to say, things do not go according to plan, with the once dorky Miss Burke now extremely sexy and attempting to seduce one of her students whilst under the influence of the alien parasite, and one of the pursuing students getting infected (I'm not letting on which one though).

Picture quality is sublime, with outdoor scenes bright and lively and indoor scenes (mainly of the school) free from the dark stippling effect that you sometimes see in darker pictures. Sound quality is also good, with surround used to good effect especially in the rainy scenes.

The one bad point is the extras...Or complete lack of them. Okay, we don't always buy DVD's for the extras, but we do expect the distribution companies to make some effort for the difference in outlay between DVD and its distant VHS cousin.

You're probably thinking things don't sound that good, but you'd be wrong...This is a good film...As long as you switch of your brain and take the film for what it is...A teen version of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. Famke Jannsen goes from dorky, to sexy and back to dorky, so at least a third of her role is good. As far as acting goes, its generally good and the comedy relief is fairly well done. Getting locked in a cupboard with a dead old woman is hard to make funny, but actually works here.

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