Bringing Out The Dead (1999) artwork

Bringing Out The Dead (1999)

1st January 2000

A burned out New York City paramedic working the graveyard shift in Hells Kitchen is haunted by visions of people he was unable to save.
Nicolas Cage, Patricia Arquette, John Goodman, Ving Rhames, Tom Sizemore, Marc Anthony, Mary Beth Hurt, Cliff Curtis, Nestor Serrano
2 Hours 1 Minutes
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The film is set over three nights, with Pierce having three totally different partners, Larry, Marcus and Walls. But Frank thinks he is going insane and by the end of the film looks like a zombie.

If you're wondering where the rest of the description is, you're going to have to look elsewhere because I have no idea what it was all about. One thing I do know is that this film is incredibly boring. I watched it with a few friends and one was a big Cage fan....Even she looked suicidal. I spent most of the film attempting to re-arrange myself into a sleeping position on a single seat fidgeting and looking at the clock on the video recorder. Oh this is one BORING film.

To be fair, Cage puts in a good performance, but this film is far from the black comedy promised on the box, its not even got the adrenaline fuelled intensity which the blurb claims. Did I mention this film is boring?

Picture wise, things are a little better, with a fairly good, clear picture especially considering the film takes place totally during the night. The siren lights pulsate nicely against the dark backdrop without a hint of graininess or artifacting. The picture is definitely the only good thing about the disk.

Sound wise, things are okay, but as you can imagine surround isn't something that's used a lot in a film like this. Dialogue is fairly clear and the sirens of the ambulance stand out well in the bustle of NYC.

Extras are fairly pathetic with a short production featurette being the only thing available. Its the usual "stuff it between programmes" affair and it isn't very good. Even the menu's are ugly.

You should only buy this DVD if you can answer yes to ALL the following questions:

1) You liked to be bored to the point of jabbing yourself in the eye with a pencil 2) You like your sound average with sod all use of surround 3) You like Nicolas Cage 4) You like Nicolas Cage in boring films 5) You enjoy pain

  • Production Featurette
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