Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Friday 3rd March 2017

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, marks the sixth and final installment in the astoundingly successful film franchise adaptation of Capcom's hugely popular video game series, having grossed over $1billion worldwide to date, earning consistent No. 1 openings at the box-office, and being the most successful video game film franchise ever.
Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Shawn Roberts, Iain Glen
Paul W.S. Anderson
Paul W.S. Anderson, Jeremy Bolt, Robert Kulzer, Samuel Hadida
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
1 hour 46 minutes
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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, marks the sixth and final installment in the astoundingly successful film franchise adaptation of Capcom's hugely popular video game series, having grossed over $1billion worldwide to date and being the most successful video game film franchise ever. Among the diverse group of acting talent are returning stars, Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil franchise, The Fifth Element) reprising her starring role as "Alice", Ali Larter (Pitch, Resident Evil: Afterlife), as "Claire Redfield", Shawn Roberts (Edge of Darkness, Resident Evil: Afterlife), as "Albert Wesker", and Iain Glen (Game of Thrones, Resident Evil: Extinction) in the role of "Dr. Alexander Isaacs", and newcomers to the franchise include Ruby Rose (Orange is the new Black), Eoin Macken (The Night Shift), Japanese television personality and model, Rola, as "Cobalt", South Korean actor, Lee Joon-Gi (My Girl) as "Commando", Fraser James (Law & Order), William Levy (The Veil).

Writer, Director, Producer and franchise veteran, Paul W.S. Anderson (The Three Musketeers; the Resident Evil franchise), returns to helm the project reuniting with his long-term producers Jeremy Bolt (The Three Musketeers, the Resident Evil franchise), Robert Kulzer (The Three Musketeers; the Resident Evil franchise) and Samuel Hadida (the Resident Evil franchise). Martin Moszkowicz (Constantin Film) and Victor Hadida (Metropolitan Films) are executive producers.

The creative production team includes Director of Photography, Glen MacPherson (the Resident Evil franchise, Momentum); Production Designer, Edward Thomas (Doctor Who, Torchwood); Costume Designer, Reza Levy (10 000 B.C.; Rendition); Visual Effects Supervisor Dennis Berardi (Fight Club; TRON: Legacy); Editor, Doobie White (Gamer; Crank: High Voltage); Casting director Suzanne M. Smith; and Composer Paul Haslinger.

The improbable beginning of Paul W.S. Anderson's fantastically successful film adaptation of the Resident Evil video game reads like a Hollywood ending. Producer, Jeremy Bolt, who has worked with Anderson for 25 years and on all the films in the series, recalls, "Back in 2002, I went back to England and made a couple of small films, and Paul holed up in his house in Venice Beach where he played video games for 1 month. Out of the blue he called to say 'I've been playing the game Resident Evil and we have got to get the film rights."

Since then the Resident Evil has grown to become the most successful game-to-movie franchise in the history of cinema, the first five installments in the franchise having grossed in excess of $1 billion worldwide and earning consistent No. 1 openings at the box-office. Thrilling fans of Capcom's original video game and action/sci-fi movie audiences alike, the movie franchise has built up a hardcore fan base in the millions and reputation of its own over the 14 years that it has enthralled audiences with cutting edge action and a continually novel approach to the sci-fi/action genre.

Bolt opines about the global success of the series. "I think it's the combination of style, action and horror. It isn't a straight horror movie and it isn't a traditional zombie movie. It has a fantastical, Sci-Fi element. I think Paul introducing the character of Alice, (Milla Jovovich) made it different to the game so that when you go see one of these movies you don't just have to be a fan of the game to enjoy it, you get something extra, which is the character of Alice. I think also we have a good villain in the evil and all-powerful Umbrella Corporation, which is totally relatable in the modern world."

Jovovich shares her ideas as to why audiences have been so enthralled with Resident Evil, "I like to believe that people respond to honesty, passion and fun. When we started we didn't expect this Resident Evil movie to become a franchise, we did it because we loved the video game. Every film has become a labor of love and fun, experiencing more and more in this crazy, amazing, sci-fi world. Everybody involved just really has a great time doing it. I think audiences respond to that energy and enthusiasm."

Australian actress, Ruby Rose, who plays the role of Abigail in The Final Chapter, explains, "One thing I love about Resident Evil is I feel like often Hollywood is craving a female, kick ass protagonist who isn't always relying on a man; one who isn't there just as the sidekick to a male super hero or the wife to a male lead. It's got to be a female driven role and there are not many of them, and then you kind of scratch your head looking for one, and then realize that there's been one all along! Milla's been doing this for so many years, and she's so much like her character, in real life she's an independent, strong, and inspiring woman, and I think that's got to be a huge reason why people really love the franchise. Then, of course, it's apocalyptic and it's zombies and it's based on a very popular video game. Every single movie incorporates a different country as well and it's become a global phenomenon."

In the world of cinema that is saturated with male leads in action films, Jovovich believes that Alice is an example of a strong female action hero who can hold her own in any situation. "I think that Alice has inspired so many young women to be themselves, to go after what they want and to not be scared of who they are."

"Milla is a very fierce actress, and she can convey focused rage well", says Bolt, "she's a very physical performer and has tremendous screen charisma, and the camera is very drawn to her. She really fills the frame with her personality. She has everything you want from the start, she's magnetic."

"What I play on screen, other women are actually acting out in their real lives on an everyday basis. When I see that, from fans who come up and talk about how meaningful this film or character is, and who helped them out in a pivotal point in their lives - either with their school or their family or their boyfriend or their country - I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it because it's just wonderful thinking that I have played some small part in positive growth in these young people's lives." says Jovovich.

In Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Alice returns to the iconic origins of the T-virus in Raccoon City where she will attempt to stop the infection once and for all. After a crushing defeat in Washington D.C. and the demise of her personal army in Resident Evil: Retribution, she is given one last chance to save humanity from the final step in the Umbrella Corporation's plan.

Once in Raccoon City, Alice makes contact with a new group of survivors - one of the last holdouts against the zombie apocalypse. Among these new survivors is franchise-favorite, Claire Redfield (Ali Larter). "Claire had a crash and now she's become part of this last group of survivors. That's when Alice comes in and she cannot believe that's she been reunited with her", says Larter, adding that her character has been fighting for her life since the third film in the franchise, Resident Evil: Extinction. "My character has undergone a lot of personal development over the course of the series, and that was really interesting for me. She really wants to believe, she wants to connect, she wants to be able to feel something but there's never time because she is always being hunted".

Alongside Claire is series newcomer, Eoin Macken playing the character of Doc. Macken elaborates on his character, "Doc is the leader of a small group of rebel survivors, which exists close to Raccoon city. He is involved romantically with Claire Redfield, and they are just about surviving. It's all very finely balanced because it's essentially the end of the world and everyone is very aggressive and stressed. When Milla's character comes in, it's through Doc and Claire that she is able to survive".

Doc's right-hand man, "Razor" (Fraser James), works alongside Doc in the survivor's compound. "Razor is a straight forward guy", says James, "he finds himself in this crazy world of nuclear warfare and the aftermath of that, and it's a desolate landscape. Razor is a survivor and you have to be a survivor if you're still alive after all of that. He finds himself as the right hand man to Doc.

Besides the obvious danger of the Umbrella Corporation and the mutant creatures at the door, there are some internal struggles among the survivors that are also at play. James explains that the most important thing for Michael in terms of his relationship with Doc is keeping him alive, "because there is conflict in the group and there is danger that something may happen that won't be good for him. It's a very important relationship in the movie".

The ensemble cast has brought back old favorites as well as some fresh new additions. In particular, this cast is incredibly diverse. Macken shares, "it's been fun because everyone as a group of actors were all from different places, like Cuba, Japan, Ireland and England, Canada, the Ukraine, Russia and America, everywhere. Everyone's got a nice vibe, and then Paul and Jeremy bring an exciting energy."

Cuban-American actor, William Levy, joins the Resident Evil family as Christian, one of the militant survivors working with Doc's group. Levy discusses his attraction to the project. "The story is always going to reach different audiences, and I didn't have to think twice about being part of something as amazing as Resident Evil. I viewed all the previous movies and saw how good they were and when I read the Final Chapter script I knew it was going to be a better movie, in every way. I needed to be part of this". Levy describes his character. "He has a very strong personality, he doesn't trust anybody. He shoots first and asks questions later. He's willing to do whatever it takes to save the survivors, to save them all, including giving his life".

On the other side of the wall, Wesker (Shawn Roberts) returns to the franchise as the head of the Umbrella Corporation and the main antagonist. "Wesker is always fighting to control the world and getting rid of the humanity that seems to be the death of this planet and constantly fighting towards that end. He's very calm, cool, collected and in control", says Roberts, "you know that chaos is everywhere but that is the one sort of mainstay in this world. He is a clean, precise gentleman, while kicking ass. That's really cool too!"

Together with the production team Roberts put in a special effort to represent the iconic character faithfully from the video game source material. "Every time we do this it's always a new adventure. We dedicated a lot of time into creating and sculpting the image, making sure everything fits just so and making sure that the hair is done 'just so'. When the fans see the movie they're not disappointed. It helps to get into character. Wesker is one of my favorite characters, and so I absolutely love it!"

Alongside Wesker is fellow bona-fide villain, Dr. Isaacs, played by Iain Glen who is returning to the franchise since his last outing in Resident Evil: Extinction. Glen expands on why Dr. Isaacs has been such a popular villain in the series: "We like to hate a well written baddie. He's very urbane, he's very in control and he's quite witty in his devilishness. There's so much medical and scientific stuff going on that he's imbued himself with super powers as well, so he's formidable as a physical force as well. Isaacs is a very well drawn character by Paul, who wrote some wonderful scenes for me and I've loved playing the role in this film and there are a number of twists along the way".

As fellow head of the sinister Umbrella Corporation, Dr. Isaacs must battle Alice in her endeavor to put a stop to their radical plans for world domination. "He's an insane egomaniac and wants to take over and rule the entire planet because Alice is one of his most sophisticated and brilliant creations, but his plan has backfired because she has a goodness about her and a desire to recover the situation which wasn't inbuilt in his creation."

Another newcomer to the series is Australian actress, Ruby Rose, who says she would have had better grades at school if she had spent less time playing the it Resident Evil game. "I was a big gamer, and after playing it for 4 years - a chunk of my life - I tried to get back "into" school." When Rose heard that the Final Chapter was the last installment and her last chance to get into the series, she jumped at the chance.

As the character Abigail - who is among the small group of survivors - is new to the series, Rose says she wanted to create an intricate backstory for Abigail. "For her to still be surviving when there are so many people who haven't, and for her to be kind of in charge of where she is, she would have to be a fighter, very strong and very smart. She's very good with her hands, she's very much like the mechanic in the group, and she creates a lot of really cool weapons, but I feel like I'd want to be able to go onto to set and give her something more than just the lines that I was given. My idea for her backstory was to involve her family, what happened to them, what led her to be where she was, and what allowed her the strength to survive throughout all of that."

South Korean actor and musician, Lee Joon-Gi, plays "Commander Lee", one of the Umbrella Corporation's henchmen. "Commander Lee has a strong faith in himself and is a skilled warrior. He is very strong not only physically but also mentally." Lee expounds.

As a well-established dramatic actor Lee had to undergo physical training and instruction to portray his action-villain persona. "I realised that Paul has watched so many of my previous dramas, movies and works because he understands my action roles and the scenes. I had two or three days pre-training with the stunt team in Hollywood and they were very open to my ideas for the action choreography. It's been really great and really fun to have so much opportunity and I'm really excited".

Given the remarkable success of the five installments to date in the Resident Evil series, with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter the filmmakers must find a point of difference, create an exceptional and unseen angle to the narrative, and, if even possible, raise the bar and deliver to audiences a spectacular close to the series.

Says Producer Jeremy Bolt, "Fans can expect an Alice who is more vulnerable, more human, and a world that is more desperate, more distraught. The characters are at the end of their tether, giving us a sense that humanity is just about to lose to the T-Virus and to the Umbrella Corporation."

Bolt describes how the filmmakers have expanded the production value in each installment by trying to find a new environment for the film. "The first film was shot in Germany and was principally underground, the second film was shot in Toronto with eight weeks of night exteriors, and the third film was shot in Mexico, kind of like a desert road movie. The fourth film was shot in Los Angeles, and the fifth was all filmed on stage, kind of fantastical. One of the things that Paul and I try to deliver to the fans is that when they watch the first trailer, they must feel like it is a Resident Evil they have not seen before. I think franchises fall down when the trailer for the sequel comes out and the audience says 'oh that reminds me of the last one, I feel like I've seen that movie'. You've got to try to be original while trying to give them something they are familiar with." Ali Larter enthuses, "It's unbelievable that this will be the 'last chapter' and I think it will be

Eoin Macken believes it is the intense script of the final chapter that will make the last movie the most epic. "It ties together all the final threads of this whole story and it just doesn't stop. It's fast paced action and everything is just bigger. Then there is a glorious finale where you just understand everything. For Alice's character it's this huge story arc and it's gripping".

Fraser James agrees, "I think that Paul, Jeremy and Milla have really pulled it out on this one. The sets that are built to portray the epic storyline are monumental, the action is extraordinary, and the international group of actors that they have brought together is fantastic! We have come together and bonded like we are family."

"Paul very cleverly brought it completely full circle, and made you understand why it all began. It reaches an extraordinary conclusion", adds Iain Glen.

Says Jovovich: "I think fans are going to love this movie because it is everything that we have wanted but didn't have the chance to make for the past six movies, and at this point finally we're doing it. There are so many aspects that will be mind blowing, the crazy sets, the amazing stuntsthere's something for everybody. This movie has kind of got it all and I'm very proud of it".

"I hope this film takes the great environments from the previous films." says Jeremy Bolt, who breaks down the world of Resident Evil into three distinct stages. "Firstly, it's the desolate Washington D.C, where it's almost as though Alice is the last person left on the planet. The second stage is road movie that sees Alice travels to Raccoon City and she comes up against a mix of characters, Dr. Isaacs, the Umbrella troopers, and various undead. The last act of the film highlights the Sci-Fi element when we're in The Hive, the Umbrella Corporation's secrets facilities."

With Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, audiences are in for the most bombastic and polished installment in the Resident Evil series. From recreating "the Hive" from the original Resident Evil to filling this postapocalyptic world. Production Designer, Edward Thomas, stresses that all of his design was inspired by the video game.

Although Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the first film Thomas has worked on in the series, he muses that, "It wasn't really until I had started looking at the film that I realised how much I have referenced it in the design of many movies in my career.

"The films that had gone before were really great starting points for all the reference and there are a lot of nods to the games in the films, which I was really keen to get across in this film. It was exciting to hear that Paul was going to bring back some of the old classic sets from the series of films, and it's been inspiring to recreate those."

In Alice's return to Raccoon city and The Hive, Thomas and his team had the challenge of recreating the iconic sets from the 2002 original Resident Evil. The key sets include the hive interior control room, a massive underground the bunker set: the Killing Floor. It's fantastic to create something as dirty and dank as this, and then flip to the crisp and clean look we created in the control room".

In addition, shooting on location in South Africa offered unique locations and opportunities to portray the scope of the post-apocalyptic world. "We have some massive exterior sets including the Ponte building in Johannesburg, which is a remarkable piece of architecture." The filmmakers found a great space in the abandoned Philippi Cement Factory Site, situated in Cape Town's Nyanga Township, a densely populated area, which required vigilance on the part of the filmmakers.

"Our job is to really make sure we can knit all these places together and that they work, and that the audience believes you when you take them on this journey, that these places are literally next door to each other, when in reality they're thousands of miles away from each other. That's the joy of this film".

Thomas highlights the importance of paying service to the fans when creating this world. "I think the biggest challenge for me on this film is being true to the fans and true to the game. Having worked on projects like this in the past, I know what it's like when you get fan mail saying. 'you did an amazing job there, we recognize this from the game, or from the series''. So I think just being able to be true to that and knowing the fans are going to spot things in the film is without doubt the biggest challenge, making sure it's all there".

It would not be a Resident Evil movie without massive hordes of zombies and other undead creatures. The franchise has a reputation for some of the most imaginative and horrifying zombie creations ever brought to screen. Prosthetic Designer, Clinton Aiden-Smith, has raised the bar once again with his state-of-the-art design and creation of over 1500 zombies for the production. As a longtime fan of the video game, Aiden-Smith took more personal pride in his work. "Growing up, the Resident Evil games kept me up for very long nights, I was intrigued with zombies. Working on this movie was a great opportunity, I think for everybody who grew up with the games, to relive that childhood experience".

For the final iteration of Resident Evil, Director Paul W.S. Anderson had an updated vision of what these new zombies would look like. Aiden-Smith explains, "Paul wanted a specific type of look for the zombies who had been dead for a while. "They had to go through the works. As well as being very dusty we tried to create a little bit of something different". In addition to the vanilla zombies is a new swathe of bloodthirsty mutant creatures - latest of which is the "J'avo" zombie - inspired by the latest Resident Evil videogame. Aiden-Smith describes the process of creating this bizarre creature, "We had to combine various elements to create this character look. A suit and a prosthetic and dental work, dentures that were quite hectic in a sense as his whole cheek was missing and it had all these rows of teeth. So, there's a great combination of chemistry as well, knowing your products very well, how you can manipulate them for your requirements."

"Paul has a very strong stylistic quality, and a very sharp eye so you get a film that not only is gripping but looks terrific." says Bolt.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will present its audiences with a narrative strand and an approach to the franchise unlike any they have seen before. With the most ambitious stunts ever seen in the history of the franchise, the production team pushed the limits to set the stage for Alice's epic last stand for humanity.

Stunt Coordinator, Grant Hulley says that The Final Chapter will add to the franchise's reputation of mind-blowing action. "You don't want the next one to be the same as the one before, so we've tried to add more live action and inseminate some of the CGI and visual effects. I think this installment is grittier and more real."

"We wanted Milla's stunts to have an authentic feel and not go overboard. We didn't want her fights to be repetitive so we added specific moves and different elements to it, so it doesn't become just another fight." It was important for the filmmakers to maintain a level of authenticity in the action scenes - whilst still making use of visual effects. "Computer Generated (CGI) images are grounded in reality and we believe that every shot should be 50% real in camera and then potentially another 50% will be CGI." says producer Jeremy Bolt. The use of Visual Effects works to tighten up the delivery of the fantastical experience and action packed sequences that Alice and her comrades' experience.

Without contest, one of the strongest assets in the series is its principal actor, Milla Jovovich, now reprising her role as "Alice" for the sixth and final time. Over the course of the series Alice has faced impossible odds and survived the evil forces of the Umbrella Corporation as the last savior of mankind.

Jovovich and her character have become icons of the action/sci-fi genre. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter bids this character farewell in the most ambitious and spectacular impression yet. Through the film's twists and turns fans will find closure as the narrative returns to the source of the T-virus. "This has been a really incredible experience filming the last chapter because we get to go back to the beginning, to The Hive, where everything began and see it in a completely different way", says Jovovich adding, "I know for Paul it's been really exciting, because you get to delve much more into the original locations and the original story and go behind all of that. I think it will be really exciting for the fans as well, because they really get to see all the stories, all the questions that the first movie presented we're answering in this one.

Alice has undergone a tumultuous journey since starting the series as an amnesiac in the first film. "In this movie Alice has pretty much come into herself, and she's really grown in to this strong warrior. I think in so many of the other movies she was looking for herself. In the first one she couldn't remember anything and in the second she's fighting with whatever substance they have injected into her; who is she becoming; is she a monster; is she human, or not?

Jovovich continues, "that is the theme that was carried through the next few movies; Alice fighting Umbrella and what they've done to her medically. Does she have powers? Does she not? How does she control them? She's never been sure about who she is as a person and now I feel she has really become whatever she's become. She's not questioning it and she does not doubt anymore. Her philosophy is, 'I am who I am! Go to hell if you don't like it!' I like that about her because I think it's important to be happy with who you are, no matter what. To have the confidence and to have that strength is inspiring, and this time she's really found herself."

Ali Larter, adds, "We are a family and when you do a movie everyone gets very close and then everyone goes back to their life. Each time we come back together, it feels like no time has passed but this time I have 2 babies, Milla is here with her babies. Everyone has just grown up together in that way. It's really incredible for me to be able to talk with her and connect with Milla on that level. I love that! We're working Moms and we still can kick ass, which to me is something I'm really proud of. I'm proud of the fact that I'm part of this female driven franchise. Milla has been playing Alice for years and has always been that 'go get 'em girl!'. We don't need a man to take care of us, and I think that's something that is more relevant than ever."

Talking about family, Ruby Rose weighs in, "There is a bit of pressure when you are doing the last film, because it's the last film of Paul and Milla who have created this enormous machine really, and to be able to come in and be part of the final chapter is such honor, and you really want to be able to be the best you can be. And so when everyone is so friendly, fun and loving like one big happy family it makes the hard work more pleasurable.

Being an integral part of the making of the entire movie franchise over 15 years has made Resident Evil an intrinsic part of Jovovich's life on a personal as well as working level. "Through it all I've met my husband, the father of my children, so it's been a family affair. It's sad in that sense because we feel so familiar with this story, with this character; the crew and cast that we have worked with over and over again, it's going to be tough to say goodbye to Alice and the Resident Evil franchise", says Jovovich, adding that for her it's a bittersweet farewell.

Milla Jovovich (Alice) is perhaps best known in the world of fashion as a muse to legendary photographer Peter Lindberg, and as the leading actress in the Resident Evil blockbuster franchise series. She has also received International acclaim for her breakthrough performance as Lee Loo in Luc Besson's The Fifth Element and has over 40 film credits to date including her work in Sir Richard Attenborough's Chaplin opposite Robert Downy Jr., Wim Wender's Million Dollar Hotel opposite Mel Gibson, Stone opposite Robert De Niro and Edward Norton and Zoolander, opposite Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Will Ferrell.

Milla was born to a Serbian pediatrician and a renowned Russian actress. Her family moved to the U.S. in 1981 and she began her remarkable career at age nine when she landed the lead role in Disney's Night Train to Katmandu. At age eleven, Herb Ritz catapulted the young Milla into the lime light by photographing her for the Cover's of The Face Magazine and Lei Magazine, edited by the current Vogue Italia Editor in Chief, Franca Sozzani. By age twelve, legendary photographer Richard Avedon shot Milla as one of Revlon's "Most Unforgettable Women in the World." Shortly thereafter, she appeared on the cover of Mademosille also shot by Avedon making her the youngest model to ever appear on the cover a women's fashion magazine.

Over the years, Milla has starred in worldwide advertising campaigns for Chanel, Dior, Versace, Prada, Armani, Calvin Klein, Tiffany & Co., Jimmy Choo, Blue Marine, Hugo Boss, Isabel Marant, Anna Molinari, Alberto Biani, Etro, Marella, Escada, The Gap, Mango, Damiani, El Corte Ingles, ICB, Sisley, H and M and multiple Donna Karan lines, including DKNY. She also served as an ambassador for L'Oreal for seventeen years, one of the longest standing contracts in cosmetic history and has appeared several times in the annual Pirelli calendar, a major coup for any model. Milla also starred in Japanese promotional ads for Honda and Canon IXY Camera.

Perhaps most significantly, Milla has since appeared on over one hundred international magazine covers. In addition to an eclectic and impressive array of acting roles, Milla is also an accomplished singer and songwriter. She released her first EP, The Divine Comedy, in 1994, and debuted her original Electric Sky at Life Ball, the AIDS Charity Gala.

In addition to her career as an actress Milla has also worked as a designers being recognised and nominated as best new designer in 2006 for her Jovovich-Hawk label by the esteemed CFDA. Milla is also very active with charity work raising funds and acting as an ambassadress for amfAR as well as the Ovarian Cancer Research fund and Love.Org.

Scottish screen and stage actor Iain Glen (Dr. Isaacs) is best known for his roles in the Resident Evil films and for portraying Ser Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones. Glen was educated at the Edinburgh Academy, an independent school for boys (now co-educational), followed by the University of Aberdeen. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, where he was the winner of the Bancroft Gold Medal. Glen is an Associate Member of RADA.

Leaving the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1985, Iain immediately rose to prominence with his acclaimed performance as a charismatic gang leader in The Fear for Euston Films. Followed by his multi award winning tour de force as imprisoned Scottish poet Larry Winters in Silent Scream he was set for a rich and varied career. Few actors have managed to maintain a balance between stage and screen and achieved such success in both. In Theater Iain has starred in The Crucible, and Uncle Vanya in London's West End that have both won a host of awards.

Glen's body of work in Theater includes Hendrik Ibsen's Ghosts in which he starred an made his directorial debut; Anton Checkhov's The Seagull at the Edinburgh Festival; at the National Theatre, Lyttelton he performed in A Streetcar Named Desire with Glenn Close; and at the Chichester Festival he starred in Terrence Rattigan's Separate Tables; King Lear; and Edward II.

Glen played the lead in Longing, and title role in the world premier of Wallenstein at the Chichester Festival, and at RSC Stratford with West End transfer, The Broken Heart. He has also appeared onstage as Macbeth (Tron Theatre), Henry V (Royal Shakespeare Company); starred in Martin Guerre, and in The Blue Room with Nicole Kidman for he garnered a Broadway Drama League Award for Best Actor. He appeared in Hedda Gabler at the Duke of York's Theatre, London, and at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, UK, and starred in Scenes from a Marriage, directed by Trevor Nunn.

Glen's multiple nominations for the prestigious Laurence Olivier Theatre Awards include 2007 Best Actor in a Play for The Crucible, for which he also received a Best Actor in a Play nomination for a Whatsonstage Theatre Goers Choice Award; Best Actor for his performance in The Blue Room (1999); and in 1996 Best Actor in a Musical for his performance in Martin Guerre. In 1995 he received an Evening Standard Award nomination for Best Actor for his role in Henry V.

In 1990, Glen garnered the Silver Bear for Best Actor at the 40th Berlin International Film Festival for his role in Silent Scream. In the same year he was cast as Hamlet, Prince of Denmark in Tom Stoppard's film adaptation of his play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, which won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Glen's Film credits include Eye in the Sky; Lara Croft: Tomb Raider; Kick-Ass 2; The Iron Lady; Dusty and Me; What About Love; Kingdom of Heaven; The Bad Education Movie; Pope Joan; Harry Brown; Resident Evil: Apocalypse; Resident Evil: Extinction as Doctor Isaacs; Tara Road; The Last Legion; Man to Man; Gabriel and Me; The Case of Unfaithful Klara; Mrs. Ratcliffe's Revolution; and Beautiful Creatures.

In Television, Glen played the role of Father Octavian in The Time of Angels; and Flesh and Stone, a two-episode story which formed part of the fifth season of the revived television series Doctor Who. He appeared in the second series of Downton Abbey, as Sir Richard Carlisle.

In Television Series Glen's work includes The Red Tent; Breathless; Agatha Christie: Poirot; Borgia; Prisoners Wives; Ripper Street; Haven; The Hollow Crown; Wives & Daughters; Strike Back: Project Dawn; MI-5; Dr. Who; Masterpiece Classic; Law & Order: UK; The Fear; and The Diary of Anne Frank as Otto Frank. His Television Movies include Autopsy: The Last Hours Of; Masterpiece Mystery; Into the Storm; and the titular role of Jack Taylor in Shot Down; Priest; The Pikemen; The Dramatist; The Guards; and The Magdalen Martyrs.

Others include Impact; Death of a Salesman; Henry IV, Part II; Taggart; and Kidnapped. Glen also narrated the Documentaries Monsters Behind the Iron Curtain, and Guy Martin's Spitfire. In the 2012 he starred in a 4-part BBC Radio 4 adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo, directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Sasha Yevtushenko.

ALI LARTER (Claire) is an actress, cookbook author, mother of two and year-round reveler. Perhaps most recognizable from the NBC show Heroes, Larter also co-stars in the Resident Evil franchise films and was seen in Obsessed, starring opposite Beyoncé Knowles and Idris Elba. Larter is currently starring in the FOX hit Pitch.

Making her feature film debut in the blockbuster hit Varsity Blues, Larter's additional feature film credits include A Lot Like Love, American Outlaws, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, The House on Haunted Hill and Drive Me Crazy.

Larter starred in the successful first and second installments of Final Destination and opposite Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. Larter also starred in the popular film's Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil: Afterlife and will next be seen in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter coming out January 2017. Larter can also be seen in the independent films Crazy and Marigold. Additionally, Larter enjoyed a successful run on the New York stage in The Vagina Monologues.

A native of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Larter began modeling at the age of thirteen and traveled the world. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Larter enjoys hosting her ritual dinner parties and legendary get-togethers. Ali shares her celebrations with her husband, Hayes MacArthur their son, Theodore and daughter Vivienne.

Other project include Legends, a spy-drama, for TNT and films including You're Not You and the Independent romantic comedy Lovesick and The League.

Never one to rest, in September 2013, St. Martin's Press published Larter's first Entertaining/Cookbook Kitchen Revelry leading in numerous guest-judge spots on Top Chef, Chopped: Junior Edition and the Next Food Network Star as well as multiple cooking demonstrations on The Today Show and The Chew, to name a few. Larter is currently developing a handful of food- and entertaining- related programs.

Eoin Macken (Doc) currently stars as TC Callahan on NBC's new medical drama The Night Shift. An Army doctor who has recently returned from Afghanistan and uses unorthodox methods to save lives, Callahan's brash style does not always sit well with the bosses, but he is a brilliant surgeon and a fearless advocate for his patients.

Macken is perhaps best known for his work on the BBC One series Merlin, on which he played the laid-back but brave and honorable character of Gwaine. On the big screen, Macken's acting credits include Centurion, with Michael Fassbender, and Dominic West and Lee Cronin's Through the Night, as well as Andrew Hull's Siren and Mike Figgis' Suspension of Disbelief. He previously appeared on Showtime's The Tudors, the Irish series Raw and Fair City, as well as the Masterpiece Theater's telefilm Small Island.

A prolific filmmaker, this past year Macken completed production on the feature Cold, on which he served as writer and director in addition to starring opposite Jack Reynor and Tom Hopper. Macken wrote and edited his debut feature, Christian Blake, which played at the Mid Ulster Film Festival, the 2008 Galway Film Fleadh and was released in May 2009. In 2008, Macken directed, wrote, edited and acted in his second film, Dreaming for You, which was selected for the Los Angeles Short Film Festival and for the 2009 Galway Film Fleadh. In 2009, Macken directed an hour-long documentary on the Irish fashion industry, The Fashion of Modeling, which screened on RTE 2 in May of that year.

British film, television and stage actor, Fraser James (Razor) was born in Camden Town, London. Of Caribbean heritage by way of Grenada, he trained at The Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Fraser' vast body of work in Theater includes The Seagull (Regent's Park Open Air); Liberian Girl (Royal Court); Wildefire (Hampstead); The Winter's Tale (Southwark Playhouse) playing 'Leontes' to much acclaim King Lear & Troilus & Cressida (Shakespeare's Globe); and The President of an Empty Room, at the Cottesloe (Royal National Theatre). Fraser performed on an international tour with the Out of Joint Company performing Our Country's Good.

His work in film includes Birds of Heaven; Sometimes in April; The Purifier; Wing Commander; and Paul W.S. Anderson's Shopping in 1994. James has appeared in numerous television series including Loch Ness; Wolfblood; Strike Back; Outnumbered; The Armando Iannoucci Show; Holby City; Judge John Deed; In Exile; Love Lies Bleeding; Prime Suspect 2; Frank Stubbs Promotes; Rules of Engagement; The Guardians; Life After Birth; and Second Sight.

Ruby Rose (Abigail), unique and emerging talent quickly on the rise, is an Award-winning actress who challenges herself with each new role and continues to evolve with each project she takes on.

Rose garnered the attention of audiences for her breakout role as a series regular on Netflix's hit show Orange Is the New Black. In June 2015, the actress made her debut in the third season of the show as Stella Carlin, an edgy inmate whose charisma catches the eye of Piper (Taylor Schilling). In 2016, Ruby won a Screen Actors Guild® Award for "Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series" for her role on the show. Critically acclaimed for its female-driven storyline, Orange Is the New Black has received multiple Golden Globe® and Emmy® nominations.

She is currently shooting the Warner Brothers action film Meg based on Steve Alten's 1997 novel Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror. Meg is centered on an international underwater observation program, led by Chinese scientists, that comes under attack by an unknown danger. With its deep-sea submersible disabled and trapped at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, they need rescue. Rose plays an engineering genius and a member of the marine research team.

She can be seen Vin Diesel's XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, the third installment in the extreme-spy franchise.

Rose's additional acting credits include the indie film Around the Block in which she starred alongside Christina Ricci, which debuted at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2013. Ruby also appears in Sheep'n'Wolves, a project backed by the same Russian animation studio behind The Snow Queen franchise. Joined by Tom Felton, Sheep'n'Wolves, an animated feature, tells the story of a magical land where a flock of sheep find their carefree days interrupted by a pack of wolves who move to a nearby ravine.

Rose also wrote, produced, and starred in the short film Break Free, a tribute to gender fluidity that became a viral hit, garnering more than 18 million views on YouTube.

A multi-hyphenate creative spirit, Rose's talent also extends across fashion and music.in 2016 she became the face of Urban Decay Cosmetics. As a model, Rose has also graced such magazine titles as American ELLE, Vogue Australia, InStyle Magazine, Australian GQ, Marie Claire Magazine, Cosmopolitan, L'Officiel and NYLON. Rose is currently the Brand Ambassador for Urban Decay makeup and the face of the Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Spring 2016 Campaign.

On the music scene, Rose landed her first gig in 2007 as a VJ for MTV Australia. In less than twelve months, the role of VJ garnered her an ASTRA award for 'favourite female'. She has performed as a DJ all over the world.

Rose is a fervent supporter of many charities, including the causes closest to her heart, such as Anti Bullying, Women and Gay Rights, Animal Welfare and Youth Mental Health. Rose was most recently awarded with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award at the 2016 GLAAD Media Awards, which is presented to an LGBT media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting equality and acceptance. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Shawn Roberts (Wesker) stars in the Resident Evil franchise for Sony Screen Gems and he recently completed shooting the franchise's final film. He also co-starred opposite Mel Gibson in Edge of Darkness for Warner Brothers directed by Martin Campbell.

In addition, Roberts has starred in The Weinstein Company's George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead and in Lionsgate Films' Skinwalkers. Other film credits include: I Love You, Beth Cooper for director Chris Columbus and 20th Century Fox, Land of the Dead directed by George A. Romero for Universal Pictures, X Men directed by Bryan Singer for Twentieth Century Fox, and the successful Canadian teen comedy Going the Distance.

Roberts was raised in Ontario, Canada and began acting professionally at age 12 when he landed a lead role on the CBC series Emily of New Moon which was produced by Academy Award winning producer Michael Donovan. Following the completion of the show's successful run, Roberts has worked continuously in film and television.

William Levy (Christian) stars in Universal' crime thriller Term Life, starring opposite Terrence Howard and Vince Vaughn. Other film credits include Tyler Perry's The Single Mom's Club, and Addicted, both from Lionsgate.

Born in Cuba, William immigrated to Miami, Florida at the age of 14. He attended St. Thomas University on a baseball scholarship before dedicating himself to pursuing a career in acting. In 2008, Mexican television producer Carla Estrada cast William in the lead role of Cuidado con el Angel, a Spanish language television series that turned William into an overnight sensation and broke ratings records with an average of 5 million viewers per evening in the US. William went on to star in Sortilegio, the finale for which attracted 6.6 million viewers, beating ABC and CBS for viewers in the same time slot. His next series, Triunfo del Amor, was the most watched scripted program on Fridays for all of television. William's shows have been translated into dozens of languages and have aired in over 100 countries worldwide.

As Levy gradually secured his status as a pop culture icon among millions of Latinos across the Americas, a variety of major brands including Pepsi, M&M's, Sabritas, AT&T, Crest and Toyota centered successful advertising campaigns around him. According to Sabritas, their campaign featuring William is their most successful effort to date. Toyota's groundbreaking Gran Decision digital campaign capitalized on William's social network, which currently consists of a combined 8.4 million followers, and engaged his fans in an innovative way by offering them a chance to create their own story with William and the new Toyota Camry.

In 2014, William was named by Variety as one of the 'Top 10 Latino Stars'. The following year, he won the award for 'Best Actor' at the Premios Juventud award show on Univision and he was named by People en Español as one of the '50 Most Beautiful' for the fourth consecutive year.

Rola (Cobalt) is a triple threat of beauty, brains and talent. One of the most popular and influential fashion models in Asia, she is also making her mark as a TV personality and actress.

Born in Tokyo to a Japanese and quarter Russian mother and Bangladeshi father, she debuted as a model at age 16 and soon began appearing regularly on the covers of countless top fashion magazines. She has won numerous awards for her unique and inspiring style, and has been named the No. 1 fashion icon in Japan. She has been featured on TV commercials from beauty products and fashion brands to beverages and stock trading. In 2014 she was ranked the top Japanese female celebrity on TV ads.

Rola has parlayed her fashion success into a massive presence on social media, with more than 5.3 million combined followers on Twitter and Instagram. In early 2015 she had the third highest number of Twitter followers for a Japanese celebrity, second highest among female Japanese celebrities.

Due to Rola's enormous influence in the Japanese media, record companies often ask her to promote new international artists in Japan. At the request of Universal Music Japan, Rola participated in interviews with Carly Rae Jepsen when she visited Japan, and she introduced Carly on her blog with a parody of Carly's hit song Call Me Maybe. As a result, Carly went gold in Japan.

A woman of strong social conscience, Rola is using her success to better the lives of others. In 2013 she established the RolaWorld Scholarship foundation, which provides general education opportunities for children who live in countries that lack equipment and teaching materials for schools.

Lee Joon-Gi (Commander Lee) is a multi-talented South Korean actor/singer/model who rose to fame as Gong-gil in The King and the Clown. In August 2009, the Korean Tourism Organisation appointed Lee an ambassador for Korean tourism.

He has starred in more than 10 dramas and 8 movies including My Girl; Iljimae; Time Between Dog and Wolf; Arang and the Magistrate; Two Weeks; and Scholar Who Walks the Night. Lee's other work in movies includes Never Said Goodbye; Virgin Snow; May 18; Fly Daddy; Flying Boys; and Hotel Venus.

Joon-Gi's Television credits include Japan KNTV Lee Joon Gi's JG World; SBS Healing Camp, Aren't You Happy? (Ep.79 Lee Joon Gi); Mnet Japan Lee Joon Gi's JG Style; MBC Golden Fishery (Ep.36 Lee Joon Gi); tvN World Special LOVE Lee Joon Gi and Kim Ha Neul; MBC Seo Tae Ji Comeback Special Book Notioc; 25th, A First grade in a First class Seo TaJi MC, and Japan Fuji TV Chonan2.

Lee's numerous Concerts include Joon Gi's Day; Lee Joon Gi Asia Tour 'Together' in Japan / China; Lee Joon Gi Asia Tour at Home 'JG Night' (Korea); Lee Joon Gi Asia Tour 'JG Time with you...' in Beijing; Lee Joon Gi Asia Tour 'JG TIME with you...' at Home (Korea); Lee Joon Gi Asia Tour 'JG TIME with you...' in Japan' 'Coming Back!' in Shanghai; 'Coming Back!' in Japan; 'Last Jstyle' Fan Concert in Taipei; Fan Concert in China'; 'Fan Concert in Japan'; 'Episode II The Mask' (Korea).

Lee has garnered a significant volume of Awards including the 2014 KBS Drama Awards Best Couple Award, Best Actor; 2th APAN Star Awards Top Excellence Actor; 2013 8th Seoul International Drama Awards - Best Actor in a Korea Wave; 2012 MBC Drama Awards Best Couple Award; 2012 5th Skyper Awards Grand Prize in a Korea Wave; 2009 MBC Drama Awards Popularity Award; 2008 SBS Drama Awards; Top 10 Star Award, Popularity Award, Top Excellence Actor; 2008 3th Seoul International Drama Awards : Netizen Popularity Award; 2007 MBC Drama Awards Best Actor; 2007 China Fashion Awards Overseas Icon Award; 2007 27th Hawaii International Film Festival: Rising Star Award; the 2007 10th Annual Shanghai International Film Festival: Overseas Star Award; 2007 43th Baeksang Arts Awards Popularity Award; 2007 2th Asia Model Awards Korea Wave Award; 2006 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popularity Award, Best Couple Award; 2006 Mnet KM Music Festival Best Actor in a M/V; 2006 5th Korea Film Awards Best New Actor; 2006 43th Daejong Film Awards : Domestic Popularity Award; Overseas Popularity Award, Best New Actor; 2006 42th Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actor; 2006 29th Golden Film festival Best New Actor; and the 2006 3th Max Movie Award Best Actor.

Lee's published works include Switzerland Photo Book - Letter From Switzerland; Hello Korea with Lee Joon Gi; Photo Book O`boy; Photo Book Good & Bye, Boy; Hello Korea with Lee Joon Gi; Thailand Photo Book Sawadee Kap.

Lee Joon-Gi serves as an Ambassador for numerous organizations and events including 2010 Shanghai EXPO Korea Honorary Ambassador; 2009 Korea Tourism Organization Honorary Ambassador; 2008 Seoul Hallyu Festival Honorary Ambassador; 2007 Movie Copy Protection Actor Honorary Ambassador; and 10th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival - Honorary Ambassador.

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