Con Air (1997) artwork

Con Air (1997)

15th July 2000

Recently paroled con Cameron Poe is hitching a ride home on prisoner transport plane when it is involved in a midair hijack by some of the most dangerous convicts America has even known.
Nicolas Cage, Monica Potter, John Cusack, Landry Allbright, M.C Gainey, Danny Trejo, Steve Buscemi, Ving Rhames, John Malkovich
1 Hour 51 Minutes
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Cameron Poe is a highly decorated marine who was convicted of murder after protecting his wife in a drunken brawl. After serving eight years behind bars he has been given parole and is getting ready to go home to his wife and young daughter he has not seen grow up.

His ride home is to be on a prison transport plane which happens to be taking some of the most notorious prisoners in the American prison system to a new maximum security prison. Soon after take-off the prisoners manage to escape their shackles and take over the plane. The plane is to head for an old abandoned airfield where the assorted group of nutcases, weirdoes and damn right nasty types are to fly to another country.

With Cameron Poe's help the authorities learn of the planes whereabouts (after a clever bit of trickery by the prisoners who managed to swap the planes transponder with another plane) and Poe must battle with the prisoners, and the authorities who want to simply shoot the plane down, before they can make their daring escape.

The picture is wonderful with a clean and sharp image with rich colours. This is especially evident during some of the final scenes in Las Vegas. The neon lights of the many casinos against the night time backdrop were simply stunning and there was no outlining or artifacting present. The sound is even more impressive with the surrounds, and especially the subwoofer, given a serious workout. It is just a pity that the complete lack of extras lowers what is a classic demonstration disc.

This films plot, or lack of it, is ridiculous, stupid and impossible to be taken seriously, and you'd be mad to miss it! Ok, so Cage is ridiculous, with matching hair, and has some really stupid lines, but it is a non-stop action film with a sparkling picture, sound and a brilliant performance from John Malkovich who really steals the show as the insane Cyrus. Just remember to remove your brain, after inserting the disc into player, as you won't be needing it.

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