Multi-Region Handset Codes Multi-Region Handset Codes

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Panasonic A-120
  • Power On the player
  • Open the tray
  • Press 9, 8, 1, 7 on the remote
  • Press Enter until the display indicates Region 9
  • Press Return
Thanks to Bryan for the information
Please note - Any codes are entered entirely at the owners risk. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information nor for any effects using this information may have on any equipment. Where the purchase of an additional remote is required, please double check before parting with any money. Beware, by making your player region free some RCE encoded discs may refuse to play on your machine.
If you've a problem with the Panasonic A-120 code, or your DVD player is not listed here, why not join in the discussion and help keep these pages self sufficient within the community? If a code is listed we'll then consider adding it to the list above.
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