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Brookside's Most Memorable Moments

Tuesday 30th October 2012

Re-watch. Relive. Remember. Relive thirty years of drama with Brookside's Most Memorable Moments, out on DVD from 26th November 2012 from Channel 4 DVD.
Channel 4 DVD

Re-watch. Relive. Remember. Relive thirty years of drama with Brookside's Most Memorable Moments, out on DVD from 26th November 2012 from Channel 4 DVD.

On the launch night of Channel 4 in 1982, a brand new soap began. An instant hit, Brookside's endless list of controversial issues made it ground-breaking drama and had viewers hooked for 21 years. Now, for the first time, watch the drama unfold from the very beginning with Brookside's Most Memorable Moments.

Packed with all the classic moments from Liverpool's infamous Close, this brand new ultimate fans' DVD includes 16 full episodes; featuring the most iconic stories in soap history and a whole host of familiar faces such as Hollywood starlet Anna Friel (Limitless, Land of the Lost), Sue Johnston (Waking the Dead, Coronations Street), Ricky Tomlinson (The Royle Family), Amanda Burton (Silent Witness, Bronson) and many more!

Packed with scandal, Brookside brought us religious cults, suicide pacts, sibling incest and the first ever pre-watershed lesbian kiss on British television. Re-watch and relive the dramatic highlights of its twenty-one year history including the soap's first ever episode, the terror of the 1985 siege and the shocking storyline of Sheila Grant's rape. Plus, witness Brookie's murderous moments, including the infamous episode in which Mandy and Beth Jordache finally bring an end to Trevor's domestic abuse.

Brookside's Most Memorable Moments also features exclusive never-before-seen extras including: 'Brookside History: House by House', DVD introductions and overviews with Dean Sullivan (Jimmy Corkhill) and many more.

It's the one the fans have all been waiting for! Watch the soap that pushed boundaries. Don't miss the ultimate DVD for Brookside fans this festive season!

  • The First Episode - transmitted 2nd November 1982
  • The Siege 1985 - transmitted 5th August 1985
  • Sheila Grant's rape - transmitted 8th July 1986
  • Aftermath of the rape - transmitted 14th July 1986
  • Sue and Danny fall from the scaffolding - transmitted 4th October 1991
  • The Jordache Murder - Mandy Stabs Trevor - transmitted 7th May 1993
  • Jimmy Corkhill on drugs - Frank Rogers' wedding day - transmitted 4th November 1993
  • The Lesbian Kiss - transmitted 14th January 1994
  • Jimmy on drugs - Tony Dixon's Funeral - transmitted 16th February 1994
  • The Cult Suicide Pact - transmitted 28th October 1994
  • The Jordache Murder - The body is discovered - transmitted 30th January 1995
  • Nat and Georgia's incest - transmitted 4th October 1996
  • Start of Gas Explosion - transmitted 13th April 1998
  • End of Gas Explosion - transmitted 17th April 1998
  • Antony kills Imelda - transmitted 13th March 2002
  • The Siege 2002 - Helicopter crash - transmitted 14th November 2002
  • Audio Commentaries on five episodes with David Hanson (Senior Producer) and Dean Sullivan (Jimmy Corkhill)
  • DVD overview filmed on The Close with Dean Sullivan (Jimmy Corkhill)
  • DVD introduction to each episode with Dean Sullivan (Jimmy Corkhill)
  • Brookside History House by House
  • Photo Gallery

Please note - Disc special features are subject to change, may differ from format to format and/or may differ from region to region.

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