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Tuesday 22nd February 2011

The directorial debut feature from top Hollywood stunt coordinator Mike Gunther, Beatdown, released on DVD by Chelsea Films on 14th March 2011, is a hard-hitting, mixed martial arts action-thriller starring Rudy Youngblood, Susie Abromeit, Eric Balfour and Danny Trejo.
Chelsea Films

The directorial debut feature from top Hollywood stunt coordinator Mike Gunther (Fast Five; Iron Man 2; Star Trek; Die Hard 4), Beatdown, released on DVD by Chelsea Films on 14th March 2011, is a hard-hitting, mixed martial arts action-thriller starring Rudy Youngblood (Apocalypto), Susie Abromeit (I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell; Sex Drive), Eric Balfour (24) and Danny Trejo (Machete; Predators) and featuring a host of Ultimate Fighting Championship and World Wrestling Entertainment stars including Michael Bisping, Heath Herring, Michael Swick, Bobby Lashley and more.

When his brother is found brutally murdered, up-and-coming illegal streetfighter Brandon Becker (Youngblood) is called upon by the local mob to pay off his brother's huge gambling debts within the week. Unable to meet the demand, Brandon goes on the run and winds up living with his father (Trejo) in a small redneck town on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. Taking a job as a labourer working for a family friend, he is introduced by a work colleague to the local underground cage-fighting scene, which he immediately recognises as an opportunity to make some extra money. In the meantime, Brandon meets and immediately falls for a beautiful girl, Erin (Abromeit), whose over-possessive, psychotic brother Victor (Balfour) is one of the town's top underground fighting stars.

After attending one of the regular bouts as a spectator, Brandon meets Drake Colby (Bisping), a former MMA champion now fighting anonymously on the underground circuit. Brandon convinces Drake to take part in a scheme that promises to deliver a massive payday to them both, as well as giving Brandon a shot at revenge on the mob and on Victor, who has determined to keep Brandon and Erin apart no matter what it takes.

A movie guaranteed to thrill fight fans from start to finish, Beatdown sees director Gunther bringing all his Hollywood stunt experience to the fore with a series of superb mixed martial arts action sequences designed by award-winning stunt and fight coordinators Don Lee (Knight And Day; Pirates Of The Caribberan: At World's End) and Marcus Young (Star Trek; Heroes).

  • Behind the scenes with interviews
  • Choreographing the Beatdowns
  • Six Days On The Set with Michael Bisping
  • Beatdown contest winner
  • Trailer

Please note - Disc special features are subject to change, may differ from format to format and/or may differ from region to region.

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