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Leverage Complete Season 2

Sunday 19th December 2010

Following on from the successful first season the team of thieves, hackers and grafters, thrills, cons and the pursuit of justice are back as Leverage Complete Season 2 returns to DVD on 31st January 2011 from Icon Home Entertainment.
Icon Home Entertainment

Thrills, cons and the pursuit of justice are back as Leverage Complete Season 2 returns to DVD on 31st January 2011 from Icon Home Entertainment.

Following on from the successful first season the team of thieves, hackers and grafters - modern day Robin Hoods return, taking revenge against those who use their power and wealth to victimize others. The fast paced crime caper critics are calling 'better than Hustle' (Zoo) features the talents of Academy Award® winner Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People), British stunner Gina Bellman (Coupling) and produced by Dean Devlin (Independence Day, The Patriot).

The second series reunites Nate Ford (Hutton) with his band of master criminals to seek revenge on the wealthy and wicked. The Leverage gang includes Sophie Devereaux (Bellman); a grifter who turns most men into putty in her hands, lothario Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane); a highly skilled martial artist, weapons expert and retrieval expert plus cat burglar and pickpocket Parker (Beth Riesgraf) who lives solely for the thrill of the con. Rounding out the team is expert computer hacker Alec Hardison (Aldis Hodge).

After the destruction of their headquarters, the team decide to go their separate ways. However, when Nate witnesses an attempted murder of a bank whistleblower, the team finds itself together again. Nate's new Boston digs become the operational headquarters from which they conduct their activities and the five loners learn how to work together and to rely on each others unique skills.

The DVD release follows a successful broadcast on Bravo and Channel One with viewing figures continuing to climb as more viewers get hooked on this addictive show. Season 3 is set to air on Bravo in 2011. This is one DVD it would be a crime to miss!

  • Leverage Season 1 'Catch up' promo reel
  • Behind the Scenes- Leverage HQ - Season 2
  • The Hand Jobs - Getting what you want the Leverage way
  • The Creators of Leverage Q&A
  • Audio commentary 'Not Sure Yet' - songwriter Andy Lange brings music to Leverage

Please note - Disc special features are subject to change, may differ from format to format and/or may differ from region to region.

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