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Monday 16th July 2007

The best directors, the most classic of storylines and the hippest film icons are brought together this summer by Paramount Home Entertainment. Released on DVD from 23rd July 2007, from Sixties runaround Alfie to the all-action Italian Job, there is a title that perfectly captures every era and every genre of film.

The best directors, the most classic of storylines and the hippest film icons are brought together this summer by Paramount Home Entertainment. The Paramount Originals, released on DVD from 23rd July 2007, sees the release of seventeen cinematic gems as a special collection which is worth its weight in gold.

Each DVD contains a free A3 original cinema poster for each film boasting some of the coolest and most iconic retro film artwork from cinema's history. Each film has been selected for its iconic status. From Sixties runaround, Alfie, to the ultimate romance - Love Story, from sci-fi fantasy Barbarella to the all-action Italian Job, there is a Paramount Original that perfectly captures every era and every genre of film.

Remind yourself of the best cinematic gems with this rich collection, discover those classics that you've been meaning to enjoy and keep them with you with the exclusive cinema posters offered with every DVD in this collection.

  • Alfie The original and best story of Michael Cane's suave chancer Alfie made in 1966, encapsulates the essence of swinging sixties London
  • Love Story The seventies classic that won 11 Awards continues to tug at the heartstrings more than any other
  • Barbarella Jane Fonda is Queen of the Galaxy in this 1968 erotic science fiction based on every boy's comic fantasy
  • Sunset Boulevard Film noir at its best with Gloria Swanson and William Holden starring in this 1959 classic film famed for its black comedy and sweeping drama
  • Shane The 1953 George Stevens western starring Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur and Van Heflin was a Paramount first and remains one of the most-loved gun-slinging homestead tales in film history
  • Escape from Alcatraz Clint Eastwood gives a career-best performance in this true story of the most famous jailbreak in history
  • Rosemary's Baby Mia Farrow is the neglected, pregnant Rosemary whose New York apartment is not quite all that it seems in this wonderful Polanski horror
  • Serpico Al Pacino oozes cool seventies glamour as an undercover cop trying to play the game his own way
  • Day of the Locust The seventies adaptation of the 1939 great novel starring Donald Sutherland as the original Homer Simpson depicts the Great Depression in California and the trials and tribulations of Hollywood at that time
  • Parallax View A dark 1974 political thriller riddled with conspiracy theory and paranoid anticipation starring the legendary Warren Beatty
  • Italian Job Michael Caine runs riot in this British comedy caper - a national treasure which cannot be beaten with any imitation
  • The Odd Couple Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau were the odd couple. Say no more
  • The Untouchables Kevin Costner is Eliot Ness. Robert de Niro is Al Capone, ruling the city with an unruly hand, until Ness's band of men tries to bring him down
  • A Place in the Sun Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor show off their silver screen charms in this 1951 tale of love and society
  • The Warriors This 1979 cult movie set in New York City is hailed as one of the best gang fare action films of all time and boasts an awesome soundtrack too
  • Harold and Maude The 1971 'romance' of young Harold and not-so-young Maude is one of the decade's most memorable films
  • The Great Gatsby The enigmatic Gatsby rules the roost in his wonderfully debonair fashion in this uber-chic tale of F. Scott Fitzgerald's long, hot jazz age
  • None or TBC

Please note - Disc special features are subject to change, may differ from format to format and/or may differ from region to region.

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