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Tuesday 15th October 2013

Bed-sit, dungeon, first-class carriage, knock yourself out, Jimmy Carr - Laughing & Joking is released on DVD on 18th November 2013, courtesy of Channel 4 DVD.
Jimmy Carr
Channel 4 DVD

That's Jimmy Carr on a stage, laughing & joking. This is how it works when you're a stand-up comedian. And this is a press release for his new DVD, Jimmy Carr - Laughing & Joking released on 18th November 2013 courtesy of Channel 4 DVD, which is also Jimmy on a stage laughing & joking but now available for you to watch wherever you please.

Bed-sit, dungeon, first-class carriage, knock yourself out. Jimmy doesn't judge. Well, he does, but that's just him laughing and joking again (probably on a stage, although he also likes a meet and greet) It's all on the DVD. But if you can't wait, here's a taster of some of the funnies in store. Plus some handy Jimmy facts to help you look well informed.

Here are some jokes:

A lot of people text whilst driving. I'm not excusing it, but we've all done things we regret when we're drunk.

I remember the first time I got together with my girlfriend, 12 years ago now, the first time we had sex, the first time we hooked up, I cried. I don't know whether it was the physical act or the emotion of it or the pepper spray, but I teared up.

I would think about adoption. I don't have kids, but if I had kids, I think I would have them adopted.

10% of women have cried in a shop changing room. I guess they weren't expecting to see me there.

Laughing & Joking is Jimmy's 8th live stand-up DVD. To date he has sold over 1.3million DVDs. Jimmy has performed live to over 1.5 million people. And he's on the road again this autumn with his latest tour, Gagging Order. Previous Jimmy stand-up tours include: Public Display of Affection; Off The Telly; Gag Reflex; Repeat Offender; Joke Technician; Rapier Wit; Laughter Therapy.

  • Amnesty International Concert
  • Bar Signing
  • Topical Jokes

Please note - Disc special features are subject to change, may differ from format to format and/or may differ from region to region.


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