Kung Fu Assassin (2008) artwork

Kung Fu Assassin (2008)

Friday 15th July 2016

From the awesome majesty of the Shaolin temples to the torrid neon nights of Shanghai's underground, Kung Fu Assassin, released on DVD by Three Wolves Ltd on 18th July 2016, delivers a thrilling and enlightening adventure in action and suspense.
Darryl Hannah, , David Carradine, Jimmy Taenaka, Kay Tong Lim, Yu Beng Lim, Osric Chau
Philip Spink
Matthew O'Connor, Michael O'Connor, Shan Tam
Three Wolves Ltd
1 hour 33 minutes
April 23 2018 13:01:03

For centuries, it's been the axis of the fighting arts - an ancient temple for a select group who want to wed the power of the mind to the might of the body. And for one monk, it's the training ground for a life destined to test his limits as a man and as a warrior.

1929. China is in unrest, as the Republic falls prey to Warlords like Kahn Xin, who holds an entire province hostage to the opium trade - and destroys all who oppose him. Only the revered Wudang monks dare stand in Kahn's way in order to protect the very soul of China. Among them is the Westerner, White Crane (Golden Globe nominee David Carradine, Kung Fu), a spiritual master of the martial arts and protector of the innocent. Revenge is not in Crane's heart - until a mercenary army storms the temple and slaughters the beloved female Grandmaster Myling. Out of the ashes of the temple ruins, Crane rises - with vengeance in his heart.

Infiltrating the decadent Shanghai underworld, Crane comes upon Jane Marshall (Daryl Hannah, Kill Bill), a waylaid lounge singer from Brooklyn looking for her lost brother, Peter. She's currently the star attraction at the Double Paradise Club, where club owner and trader Bingo Quo also has a personal score to settle with Kahn. But it's Bingo's dangerous professional ties to Kahn that draw both Crane and Jane deep into the Warlord's lair. Now torn between the spiritual Wudang teaching and the cold-blooded life of an assassin, Crane is about the cross the fine line between justice and revenge.

From the awesome majesty of the Shaolin temples to the torrid neon nights of Shanghai's underground, Kung Fu Assassin, released on DVD by Three Wolves Ltd on 18th July 2016, delivers a thrilling and enlightening adventure in action and suspense.

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