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Love Life

Friday 15th April 2011

A box office smash in its native Holland, and based on the controversial and best-selling autobiographical novel by Ray Kluun, director Reinout Oerleman's debut feature Love Life is released on DVD by Yellow Knife Releasing from 13th June 2011.
Yellow Knife Releasing

Based on the controversial and best-selling autobiographical novel by Ray Kluun, director Reinout Oerleman's debut feature Love Life, released on DVD by Yellow Knife Releasing on 13th June 2011 is "a passionately brave film about loving and living" (BestForFilm.com), produced by Oscar winning producer Hans de Weers (Antonia's Line) and starring Carice van Houten (Black Death; Repo Men; Valkyrie; Black Book), Barry Atsma (Loft; The Storm) and Anna Drijver (Loft). A box office smash in its native Holland, the film was the winner of four Rembrandt Awards in 2010 including Best Film, Best Actress and Best Actor.

When successful advertising executive Stijn (Atsma) meets a beautiful business colleague, Carmen (van Houten), it's a true case of love at first sight. A whirlwind romance leads to marriage, the birth of a daughter and a passionate relationship that is deep enough for Carmen to allow serial philanderer Stijn his frequent infidelities. However, their seemingly perfect world is eventually shattered when Carmen is diagnosed with breast cancer and begins a devastating course of treatment as she fights for survival.

Carmen's struggle to deal with her situation has an equally damaging effect on Stijn, who takes solace from the pains of caring for a seriously ill wife in the arms of a free-spirited artist, Rose (Drijver). As Carmen's condition deteriorates, Stijn's own life begins to spiral out of control until he is finally forced to accept what love really is and to consider the true meaning of the marital vow "for better or for worse".

A romantic, sexy and uncompromising modern love story that isn't afraid to raise uncomfortable questions about relationships and mortality, Love Life is "an engaging and ultimately moving drama" (ViewAukland.co.nz) bolstered by a powerful, award winning performance from Carice van Houten.

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