Supremacy (2015) artwork

Supremacy (2015)

Friday 13th March 2015

Inspired by actual events that took place on Friday 13h March 1995 in Santa Rosa, California - Supremacy, released on DVD by Koch Media on 13th April 2015, tells the story of a family held hostage and their murderous captures.
Danny Glover, Anson Mount, Mahershalalhash Ali, Dawn Olivieri, Derek Luke
Rodney Taylor
Koch Media

After slaying a police officer, parolee and supremacist Garett (Joe Anderson), accompanied by his ruthless girlfriend take an African-American family hostage. Walker (Danny Glover), a hard-nosed ex-con himself, will do everything he can to protect and free his family: played by a cast of familiar faces including Derek Luke (TV show Empire), Evan Ross (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay) and a local police officer played by House of Cards star Mahershala Ali.

To overthrow the murderous couple, man of the house Walker will have to confront his own brand of bigotry and danger. No one will be safe tonight.

Inspired by actual events that took place on Friday 13h March 1995 in Santa Rosa, California - Supremacy, released on DVD by Koch Media on 13th April 2015, tells the story of a family held hostage and their murderous captures.

Robert Walter Scully, 36, - a man who possessed 13 aliases, a long track record of robberies and assaults was just released on parole. On that fateful date in 1995, Scully and his female companion Brenda Kay Moore, 38, shot and murdered patrol office Frank Trejo. The two took shelter 2 miles from the murder scene, invading a Lloyd Avenue home where they had held six people hostage, including young children.

Five hours into the hostage situation, an army of police officers arrived and surrounded the ramshackle two story house where the family were held at gunpoint. The stand-off with police lasted 7 hours.

Walker, Danny Glover's character in the film, was partly based on the courageous patriarch of the captured family, Frank Cooper (65), a retired merchant seaman. Staring down the barrel of a gun, Frank was able to keep the two capturers at bay by talking calmly to them and treating them like guests; even on one occasion asking "You want some breakfast, coffee?"

Supremacy takes inspiration from this shocking and incredible true story, transplanting audiences in "compelling" and "powerful" scenes, led by the supremely talented screen legend Danny Glover.

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