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King Of New York

Saturday 12th July 2008

Criminally overlooked in the years since its initial theatrical release, King Of New York is set to re-establish itself as a gangster genre classic on a par with the likes of Scarface, Goodfellas and The Godfather on 22nd September 2008 when it is released as a two-disc Special Edition DVD by Arrow Films.

Criminally overlooked in the years since its initial theatrical release, the first big budget movie from controversial director Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant; The Driller Killer), King Of New York is set to re-establish itself as a gangster genre classic on a par with the likes of Scarface, Goodfellas and The Godfather on 22nd September 2008 when it is released as a two-disc Special Edition DVD by Arrow Films, boasting fully remastered image and audio, plus a definitive audio commentary by Ferrara.

An uncompromising, blood-drenched and profanity-packed saga of one man who sets out to take control of the Big Apple's multi-million dollar drug industry, King Of New York is soaked in style from start to finish and features several career-defining performances from a star-studded cast that includes Christopher Walken (Hairspray), David Caruso (CSI: Miami), Laurence Fishburne (Mission: Impossible III), Wesley Snipes (the Blade trilogy) and Steve Buscemi (The Sopranos).

Christopher Walken stars as Frank White, recently released from prison and single-mindedly determined to rebuild his drug-dealing empire and to regain his position as the head of New York's criminal underworld. After setting up headquarters in a suite at the Plaza Hotel, his first step involves the fearless and methodical elimination of any competition, from the low-ranking Colombian drug cartels to the Triads and even the Italian mafia clans. As the streets run red with the blood of the drug lords and their henchmen, Frank begins to use his position, influence and support of charitable causes to charm his way into the favour of the city's politicians and social elite.

Immune to Frank's charisma and unimpressed by his threats, police chief Roy Bishop's only concern is to use the power of the law to bring an end to the killing and the drug trafficking. But rogue cops Dennis Gilley (David Caruso) and Thomas Flanigan (Wesley Snipes) have other ideas. Frustrated by Frank's ability to remain untouchable, they decide the only way to bring him down is to do it themselves, vigilante-style.

With a visual style worthy of a Brian DePalma or Michael Mann film (significantly, Ferrara had previously worked as a director for producer Mann on both Crime Story and Miami Vice) and amazing large-scale set pieces - from a balletic orgy of bloodshed to a thrilling car chase over the Queensboro Bridge and a dramatic finale set in Times Square - King Of New York is an unheralded masterpiece whose time for critical re-evaluation is long overdue.

  • Audio commentary by director Abel Ferrara
  • Audio commentary by composer Joe Delia, producer Mary Kane, editor Anthony Redman and casting director Randy Sabusawa
  • Interview with producer Augusto Caminito
  • Documentary on Abel Ferrara's career and the making of King of New York
  • The Adventures of Schooly D: Snowboarder documentary
  • Cinema, de notre temps documentary, bel Ferrara Not Guilty
  • Hollywood Superstars: Christopher Walken

Please note - Disc special features are subject to change, may differ from format to format and/or may differ from region to region.


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