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Monday 12th January 2009

Icon Home Entertainment is pleased to announce the long-awaited UK DVD and Blu-ray release of the fast paced, edgy horror film Splinter on the 9th March 2009. This gripping horror film stars an outstanding young cast including Shea Whigham, Jill Wagner and newcomer Rachel Kerbs.
Icon Home Entertainment

Icon Home Entertainment is pleased to announce the long-awaited UK DVD and Blu-ray release of the fast paced, edgy horror film Splinter on the 9th March 2009. This gripping horror film stars an outstanding young cast including Shea Whigham (Tigerland, Bad Company), Paulo Costanzo (Road Trip, 40 Days and 40 Nights), Jill Wagner (Stargate: Atlantis, Punk'd) and newcomer Rachel Kerbs.

Award winning, first-time British horror film director Toby Wilkins delivers a slick, gory masterpiece in his debut feature film. Like 'The Blair Witch Project', Splinter has captured the imagination of horror enthusiasts, and is likely to take the UK horror market by storm. Having already triumphed at the Scream-Fest Horror Film Festival in Hollywood, Splinter won six major awards including Best Film, Best Director and Best Special Effects. Splinter was first shown in the UK as a special feature of Film 4's Fright Fest weekend on November 1st 2008


Splinter begins as young couple Seth (Costanzo) and Polly (Wagner) retreat to the wilderness for a romantic camping weekend in Oklahoma. With their tent damaged and on their way to a motel, their idyll is shattered further when they are car-jacked by an escaped convict Dennis Farrell (Whigham) and his drug addict girlfriend Lacey (Kerbs) on the run from police. As the foursome travel the deserted back roads together, keeping one eye on the road whilst each plotting their next move, they find themselves in deeper trouble than any of them could have ever imagined. After hitting an infected roadside animal, the group are confronted by a blood-crazed, parasitic creature that terrifyingly absorbs the corpses of its victims, turning their still-living bodies into deadly hosts.

Finding shelter in an abandoned gas station, they must use their wits and every weapon at their disposal to stave off the onslaught, not only from the insatiable creature, but from each other. Made for Horror fans by horror fans and reminiscent of classic movies Evil Dead, The Thing and Night of the Living Dead, Splinter is an exhilarating ride of jolts and screams, a perfectly shot, awesomely acted throw back to the classic creature features of the early '70s and '80s with a very modern twist.

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