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Skins - Series 2 (2008)

Wednesday 7th May 2008

The critically-acclaimed hit comedy drama series, Skins - Series 2 is available to own on DVD from 5th May 2008 with the Series 1-2 Box Set also being released on the same date by 4DVD.

The critically-acclaimed hit comedy drama series, Skins - Series 2 is available to own on DVD from 5th May 2008 with the Series 1-2 Box Set also being released on the same date by 4DVD.

The DVD is packed with exclusive DVD extras, including a behind-the-scenes with cast and crew interviews, a documentary of Skins writer Daniel Kaluuya's story of working on the series, behind-the-scenes coverage of Maxxie's dance and the Skins gang in New York City. Other DVD extras include a back stage tour by the cast, the Skins secret party, five bonus Skins stories (Cassandra, Christmas with Skins, Audition Day, Tony & Sid, Maxxie's Love Life) and the broadcast trailer.

Following the lives and loves of a group of hard-partying Bristol teenagers, this series features more of the same chaos, drama and confusion which kept viewers begging for more. Picking up six months later from where the first series left off, we discover that Tony's (Nicholas Hoult) collision with a bus has dramatically altered his personality. So much so, that Sid (Mike Bailey) can't quite get his head round the fact that the man he has always looked up to is now a shadow of his former self. And to add extra fuel to the fire Cassie (Hannah Murray) is whisked away to Scotland by her crazy parents, just when he finally thought he had the girl.

Without Tony around, Michelle (April Pearson) is lost and doesn't know what to do when her Mum remarries again, but this time there's a step-sister to contend with who is determined on making a move on her mates. While at Maxxie's (Mitch Hewer) house all hell is breaking loose as his Dad (Bill Bailey) is determined to stop him following his dream of being a dancer.

Even Anwar (Dev Patel) has changed since he bagged himself a secret girlfriend called Sketch (Aimee-Ffion Edwards). Jal (Larissa Wilson) is throwing off the good girl image and letting her hair down. And Chris (Joe Dempsie) - well getting expelled wasn't his finest hour - but now the party animal is stepping out on his own. And while all around is falling apart, it's Tony's little sister Effy (Kaya Scodelario) who's taking control.

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