I Could Never Be Your Woman (2008) artwork

I Could Never Be Your Woman (2008)

Monday 7th April 2008

At last, a romantic comedy with a difference. From award-winning writer-director Amy Heckerling comes I Could Never Be Your Woman, released by High Fliers Films on DVD from 23rd June 2008.
High Fliers Films

At last, a romantic comedy with a difference. From award-winning writer-director Amy Heckerling (Loser; Clueless; Look Who's Talking; Fast Times At Ridgemont High) comes I Could Never Be Your Woman, released by High Fliers Films on DVD from 23rd June 2008.

A sharp and upbeat romantic comedy for the ages starring Michelle Pfeiffer (Stardust; Hairspray) and Paul Rudd (Knocked Up; The Oh In Ohio; The 40-Year-Old Virgin), Jon Lovitz (The Benchwarmers; The Producers).Co-starring Saoirse Ronan (Atonement; The Lovely Bones), along with a host of top-line British comic talent including Sarah Alexander (Stardust; Green Wing), Graham Norton (Father Ted), David Mitchell (Peep Show) and Steve Pemberton (The League Of Gentlemen), and featuring entertaining cameos by Fred Willard, Henry Winkler, Sally Kellerman and Tracey Ullman, I Could Never Be Your Woman brilliantly draws on Heckerling's own experiences as a professional single mother on the wrong side of 30, looking for love in LA while dealing with a teenage daughter who is about to experience romance for the first time.

Rosie (Pfeiffer) is a 40-something single mother in Los Angeles whose life is not working out exactly as planned. The hit teen TV show she produces is in serious trouble. Her sexist boss, Marty (Willard), wants to replace it with a reality show, and her assistant Jeannie (Alexander) is bent on sabotaging both Rosie's career and her futile attempts at having a love life. Rosie's home situation isn't much better. Her ex-husband is having a baby with a younger woman and her daughter Izzie (Rosie) is growing out of Barbie dolls and discovering boys.

Out of the blue, a talented young actor, Adam (Rudd), walks into the TV company's casting room and straight into Rosie's heart. But Adam is ten years Rosie's junior and this is LA, a town that applauds older men for dating younger women but isn't quite so appreciative when the roles are reversed. Painfully conscious of the situation, Rosie is convinced their romance is doomed from the start. Fortunately, Adam has other ideas...

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