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Prisoner Cell Block H: Volume 3

Saturday 5th September 2009

Shock Records and Fremantle Media are proud to announce the UK DVD release of Prisoner Cell Block H: Volume 3 on 12th October 2009. Available for the very first time on DVD in the UK, this must-have collectors' edition 8-disc DVD box set contains episodes 65-96 of the cult television series, following on from the huge success of the first 2 volumes.
Fremantle Home Entertainment

Shock Records and Fremantle Media are proud to announce the UK DVD release of Prisoner Cell Block H: Volume 3 on 12th October 2009. Available for the very first time on DVD in the UK, this must-have collectors' edition 8-disc DVD box set contains episodes 65-96 of the cult television series, following on from the huge success of the first 2 volumes.

Based inside Australia's fictitious Wentworth Detention Centre, Prisoner Cell Block H was televised in Australia for 8 years from 1979 for an incredible 692 episodes, and eventually aired on UK television screens in 1987. Originally named Prisoner for its home audience and re-titled Prisoner Cell Block H for overseas viewing, the series became one of the most watched Australian soaps of all time.

Made by Grundy Television, Prisoner Cell Block H was the first of its kind, tackling issues such as rape, homosexuality, murder and violence. The controversial TV series broke all of the rules set out by previous Aussie made soaps such as The Young Doctors, The Sullivans and The Restless Years - no pretty young faces, no nice homes and no romance. This surprised everyone who tuned in during the first airing. Nobody knew what to expect about a drama series set inside a prison for women. The nation was immediately hooked. Featuring an indulgent 25 hours of footage from an unforgettable section of the Prisoner story, this beautifully packaged 'Volume 3' box set is laid out over 8 discs and is a must for any fans of the hit series.

Episode Details

  • Episode 65 A familiar face returns to Wentworth along with new inmate Pat O'Connell. The officers decide to strike so the women are locked in their cells. Karen finds out that Doreen's mother is looking for her and Erica is persuaded to visit her.
  • Episode 66 Erica changes her mind about resigning when some strong words from Ted Douglas make her realise what she could be leaving behind, under the control of Vera. After a visit from Erica, Doreen's mother comes to the prison to see her daughter.
  • Episode 67Alice meets Doreen but keeps her real identity a secret. Chrissie causes trouble between the other prisoners and Meg, resulting in the women agreeing to ignore her completely. A mystery inmate steals some medicine from the prison hospital.
  • Episode 68 Chrissie becomes ill and Bea is sent to solitary when the suggestion is made that she poisoned her. Karen moves into the Halfway House. When the real thief of the medicine is discovered, she reveals a surprising reason for stealing it.
  • Episode 69 Chrissie tells Greg that she wants an abortion, but Greg tries to make her change her mind by suggesting she work in the maternity block. Pat's son visits Wentworth in the work party but Vera catches them talking, putting Pat's release in jeopardy.
  • Episode 70 Chrissie changes her mind and decides to keep the baby after all. Erica decides not to punish Pat. Doreen is released to the care of the Halfway House and spends an afternoon with Alice. Karen finds out the real reason why Alice is not being straight with Doreen.
  • Episode 71 Ros receives a life sentence and is returned to Wentworth after her trial. Alice spends more time with Doreen buying her new clothes and even offering to pay for her to go to college, but Doreen immediately realises who she really is when she opens a present that Alice has given her.
  • Episode 72 Vera celebrates her birthday at work but the only present she gets is from Lizzie. Chrissie is punched in the stomach by a confused Rosie. Ros escapes during a fire alarm but ends up at the Halfway House, with nowhere else to go.
  • Episode 73 Karen allows Ros to stay for the night. Doreen receives some bad news about her mother - she is in a coma. Ros finds a new place to live and is forced to work as a prostitute to pay her way. On her way to catch a bus to leave she is spotted by a passer-by and arrested.
  • Episode 74 The women begin organising their annual Christmas play, with Lizzie writing the scripts. Ros is sent back to the prison. Greg is forced to lie to the police so they don't suspect Karen of hiding Ros. Pat's mother visits her, but it's not good news.
  • Episode 75 It's Christmas at Wentworth and the play goes ahead as planned, but the officers leave when they find out that they're the main subject of all the jokes. Pat is released and is welcomed home by her children but is shocked when the police tell her David has escaped.
  • Episode 76 Lizzie accuses Vera of taking her cake. David steals some toys and leaves them as presents for the kids at the back of Pat's house. The police are on to him and set a trap, where gunshots are fired. Karen hears on the radio that someone has been killed... is it Greg?
  • Episode 77 Ros takes some pills from the surgery but is caught out and ends up in solitary for 48 hours. Greg and Karen declare their love for eachother at last and a story is featured about them in the newspaper - but David reads it and vows to kill Greg for having Pat sent back to prison.
  • Episode 78 Security is increased inside the prison. Bea blames Ros for the changes and tells the women she will bash her when she gets out of solitary. Jim's friend Geoff takes a fancy to Meg. David carries out his plan of attack on Greg and a shot is fired into his house...
  • Episode 79 Karen has been shot by David by mistake and lies seriously ill in hospital. New inmate Janet Dominguez arrives and Ros takes a keen interest in her. Meg and Geoff go to dinner at Jim and Leila's. Greg gives permission for the doctors to operate on Karen.
  • Episode 80 Ros and Janet form an alliance and Ros agrees to see one of Janet's associates visit her as a 'friend' so some drugs can be smuggled in to help with the escape plan. When Kath queries the drugs, Ros tests it to prove everything's ok - and is knocked out straight away.
  • Episode 81 Ros can't be woken up the following morning so the officers take her to the infirmary. Bea tries to find out what she's up to, without success. Geoff turns violent. That night, Ros sees the signal to start the escape plan but the pen full of the drugs has disappeared.
  • Episode 82 The pen is found in the Rec Room and the plan is put in motion. Terrorists enter the prison as planned and Ros escapes into the prison grounds with Janet. Erica gets in the way and is shot by one of the terrorists.
  • Episode 83 Ros manages to escape. Erica is wounded by the shot and agrees to go to hospital. Meg tells Geoff she doesn't want to see him anymore but he refuses to leave. Jim realises and calls in to Meg's house - only to be threatened with a broken bottle by Geoff.
  • Episode 84 Meg is shocked when Geoff and Jim fight. Chrissie lags on Bea when the women plan to steal goods from the kitchen. When Bea finds out she arranges to set Chrissie up. Ros accuses Jim of attacking her when he catches her and Lizzie stealing food.
  • Episode 85 Ros is punished for stealing from the kitchen and lying about Jim. New social worker Paul Reid begins his first day at the prison. Pat's appeal can not go ahead but is even more devastated when Erica tells her that David has hanged himself.
  • Episode 86 Pat attacks Chrissie when she suggests that David is better off dead. Greg has a farewell party at the prison. Lizzie is interviewed by the police and it turns out that she may be innocent of the crime she committed over 20 years ago!
  • Episode 87 The VJ sends Ros back to solitary for another week. Bea gets suspicious about the police interviewing Lizzie so manages to sneak the story out to a visiting journalist. Lizzie is told the truth about why the police have been talking to her.
  • Episode 88 Paul is suspected of being guilty of telling the journalist about Lizzie. The women arrange a party for Lizzie who is released and plans to live in the Halfway House with Doreen, but she is left stranded at the prison when Doreen doesn't turn up to collect her.
  • Episode 89 Doreen finds out she has an admirer at work and agrees to go out with him to a disco but stands him up when Lizzie cooks a surprise meal for everyone. Caroline Simpson stabs her violent father in the back with a bread knife after he threatens her mother with a gun.
  • Episode 90 Caroline and Vivienne make up a story about burglars attacking Mr Williams but they can't keep to it. Tony is in trouble when the house he is staying at is raided by police who have followed Sharon Gilmour inside, supplying everyone with drugs.
  • Episode 91 Caroline and Vivienne are brought on remand to Wentworth, while Paul pays Tony's bail money. Sharon also arrives in Wentworth, making an enemy of Bea following an accident with a hot bowl of soup. Sharon tries to blackmail Paul.
  • Episode 92 Doreen and Kevin go out on a date, but Lizzie causes problems when she drunkenly phones Doreen's work to tell them she's not coming in. Some of the other women attack Sharon but Chrissie gets in the way and starts having contractions when she's pushed during the scuffle.
  • Episode 93 Chrissie is rushed to hospital and gives birth to a baby girl whom she calls Elizabeth, after Lizzie. Sharon reveals she is a lesbian, and Judy is her lover. Elizabeth needs specialist attention for a long time so Chrissie is returned to Wentworth alone.
  • Episode 94 Rhonda catches Lizzie drinking alcohol inside the Halfway House. Jim reveals Doreen's past when he turns up at a meal which has been organised by Doreen's friends from work. Sharon is sentenced to 2 years in prison while Tony gets a good behaviour bond.
  • Episode 95 Sharon is brought back to Wentworth and teams up with Chrissie - between them they take over and supply the other women with drugs. Look out for a classic Lizzie moment as she has problems getting up from Kevin's bean bag! Kevin proposes to Doreen.
  • Episode 96 Chrissie is told she can make regular visits to the hospital to visit Elizabeth - Sharon uses this as a way of getting drugs into the prison to avoid the searches which have been introduced. Chrissie is grabbed from behind when she collects the drugs from the hospital toilets.
  • None or TBC

Please note - Disc special features are subject to change, may differ from format to format and/or may differ from region to region.


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