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Davina Body Buff

Saturday 4th December 2010

Based on resistance training, the aim isn't just keeping the weight off, but sculpting and toning. Davina Body Buff will be available from 6th December 2010 from 2entertain, perfect timing for those wanting to tone up for the Christmas and New Year festivities.

Based on resistance training, the aim isn't just keeping the weight off, but sculpting and toning. Davina Body Buff will be available from 6th December 2010 from 2entertain, perfect timing for those wanting to tone up for the Christmas and New Year festivities.

Davina is the number 1 selling fitness brand of the last 7 years, with sales exceeding 1,000,000 across the number 1 selling - Power of 3, as well as My Three 30 Minute Workouts, The Davina Box Set, My Pre and Post Natal Workouts, Davina's High Energy Five, Super Body Workout and last years number smash, Davina Fit.

Once again joined by Jackie and Mark Wren, Davina Body Buff features two whole hours of fun workouts aimed at buffing up your bod, with plenty of fatburning in there too. This time it's a DIY 'kit of parts' programme you can put together to suit you, because it's all divided up into smaller sections which can be done individually, or back to back, any way you like, and for as long as you like, but aim to work out three times a week.

Each workout must start with Buff Warmup, but then there are two 'whole body' 30 minute Buff Workouts which can be used on their own, or with another routine. The first one's Buff Cardio, and it's high energy aerobics with loads of funky new moves, plus lots of fatburning intervals and 5 minutes squeezing those abs. The other 30 minute Buff Workout is Buff Boxing, a really high energy, high intensity workout, plus another 5 minutes working those abs again.

If you want to Buff Your Bits, there are some great workouts targeting specific areas. Buff Legs and Core is a twenty minute workout aimed at shaping up your legs and strengthening your core muscles and Buff Upper Body is a fifteen minute routine using weights to buff up your bingo wings. If you want a six pack like Davina, you can try out Buff Abs -this starts with a basic 5 minute abs routine followed by a tougher 5 minutes for the more adventurous!

And finally, there's Buff Stretch. First of all you get a short but effective stretch to cool down if you've done a short workout, but if you've done a longer workout, you can carry on for another 5 minutes with a lovely yoga-style stretch.

Buff Nutrition: Davina Body Buff also includes a great extra feature focusing on healthy eating with reformed dieter Meg Mathews and her nutritionist Hala El Shafie. They've both got loads of brilliant tips about how we can have a better relationship with food, get rid of all our bad eating habits and learn to love our bodies.

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